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    Find and Connect with Another CDI Member

    Working from home can be isolating but with your CDI colleagues, it doesn’t have to be!

    There are numerous ways to find and connect with your fellow CDI members for referrals, subcontracting, support, partnerships, and friendships. 

    Some options include:

    • Stay active in the Facebook member community and look for opportunities to engage and connect. 
    • Review the member directory for members with something in common to you and reach out to connect. 
    • Join a CDI live event, which always has at least one built in networking opportunity to connect 1-1 with one or more colleagues. 
    • Check out the international support member directory. (You can also volunteer yourself).
    • Check out the career services/industry support member directory. (You can also volunteer yourself).
    • Join a CDI volunteer committee. 
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