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Raise Your Prices with Ease Course

Pricing and closing power for career coaches, resume writers, and other career industry professionals

How long have you been thinking about raising your prices? How long has that been calling to you and terrifying you?

Or, did you try to raise them before and didn't find it successful, quickly returning to the lower 'safer' pricing although you feel you deserve more for your time and effort?

Regardless of where you are in the pricing and closing paradigm, NOW, you can get past the ‘should’ and the uncertainty, and get easily into the how – the mechanics, the strategy, and the closing – with CDI's proven program: The Sordid Topic of Coin: Pricing It, Getting It, Nailing It.

Whether your goal is to make enough money to take your business part-time, to quit your full-time job and make this ‘dream’ a reality, or increase your financial security, you CAN do it…and easily, with the tools provided by the super-team of Laura DeCarlo and Pat Schuler.

I'm Laura DeCarlo.

DeCarlo_Laura_headshot_2016 copy

As one of your instructors, I can tell you I’ve been there. Over 20 years ago when I was getting started as a resume writer and career services provider, I was terrified when the phone would ring. That meant there was someone on the other end of the line who wanted to know, “What does it cost?” How was I going to tell them the price and convince them it was worth it before they got sticker shock?? I needed a process badly.

I struggled for a few years and then landed on a six-figure secret due to an amazing mentor. Thanks to an easy process I avoided what could have been decades of financial struggle and emotional frustration to begin earning 6-figures with ease.

Further, I’ve spent the last decade mentoring, coaching, and studying some of the industry’s happiest and most successful career professionals. I’ve captured the secrets to monetary success including the strategies for getting your prices in line, getting past your own inner critic, and for getting on board with simple just successful pricing and selling processes.

I'm Pat Schuler.

Pat Shuler

As your other instructor, it might be easy to think I have always earned $400-600 an hour for sales coaching of career professionals. But that’s not the case. In the beginning, as a shiny new coach I can remember the first time a real client, who was not just a friend helping me get started, paid me $50 per hour for my service. When my coach suggested I raise my fees by $10 an hour, I turned green and pretty much stopped breathing. I felt like I’d never get another client at that rate!

Fast forward 15 years - $400-600 per hour, and clients consistently say it’s a bargain for their ROI. My clients increase their revenue an average of 37% from working with me. I’m not going to tell you about the people who double and triple their revenue, although there are many in this industry whom you would definitely recognize – it sounds too much like infomercial territory.

And, no, it won’t take you 15 years! When you begin employing the strategies from this class, you can see results immediately.

What changed? How do my clients do it? You’ll leave this session with the answers, process and strategy.

By participating in this exclusive program you can:

  • Drastically increase your prices.
  • Greatly improve your closing ratio.
  • Get excited by each new prospect.
  • Ramp up and make some real money.

What might you expect as an outcome from this program?

If you average three clients a week at $400 each and double your rate, this means in the next 12 months you would see your gross revenue jump from $60,000 to $120,000 before even considering what closing more prospects will add.

Doubling your rate too aggressive or intimidating? We’ll be sharing a variety of strategies that let you pick the perfect, comfortable fit for you. Should you only increase your rates by a modest $50 per client each quarter, you will still earn over $20,000 more in the next year.


Three recorded sessions of the program customized for the needs of self-employed career and resume practitioners like you:

Session One: Pricing It – with Laura DeCarlo, guest Pat Schuler

  1. Overcoming the myriad life-sucking repercussions of your under-pricing.
  2. Dragging your perception-of-what-it-is-worth monster out from under the bed (and beating it into submission).
  3. Understanding what the market will bear vs. what you see as acceptable for pricing.
  4. Learning different ways to raise your prices without raising your hackles. Sneak past your inner critic!
  5. Keeping the momentum in your pricing life cycle.
  6. Also, pricing strategies can be a little scary. Pat will share more strategies to make sure scary doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

Session Two: Getting It – with Pat Schuler, guest Laura DeCarlo

You’ll learn plug-n-play strategies for handling issues such as:

  1. Getting your foot out of your mouth (and your heart out of your throat) when it comes to pricing and closing.
  2. Handling ‘how much does it cost?’ …without twitching.
  3. Understanding what the client is really buying and why – no more mindreading.
  4. Taking control – boundaries and the strong sales process – Why they can mean a difference of up to 40% in your price AND your closing rate (and you’re still in service to the client).
  5. Ensuring your prospects understand the consequences of not hiring you, AND doing it without being mean or scary.
  6. Recognizing what you’re worth and getting it – or even better, justifying and getting the prices you want and need to charge.
  7. Also, different strokes for different folks. Laura will share a 180 degree approach to give you ‘options’ for the best selling fit.

Session Three: Getting It (YOUR BIG BONUS) – Mini Hot Seat Sessions / Q&A

Now that you’ve built an arsenal of strategy and tactics, how do you make it real for you? In this bonus session recording you will hear your colleagues asking the same questions you have to identify tools and solutions to challenges in pricing, packaging, and closing the sale. Pat and Laura provide real, applicable strategies you can put to use immediately.

* * *

Plus, 10 outstanding bonuses to increase your ROI!


Navigating Pricing Pitfalls

You’ll learn a spectacularly simple process for moving clients from the option of yes and no to one of yes and yes, while increasing your per-project revenue with pricing and packaging. Added strategies on website pricing.

The sky’s the limit!


Clients as Spokesperson Strategy - Testimonials (with MP3)

Sample template form and audio for transforming clients into spokespeople in a way your prospects will eat up.


Pricing & Packaging Client Sheets

Interchangeable and customizable pricing/packaging client marketing materials to instantly guide you on building in more revenue opportunities per sale without the stress.


 CDI Pricing Survey Report

30+ pages of current pricing and packaging information for the careers and resume industry.


The Consequences Continuum

So you hear something like, “I really need a resume,” and you think, Hot dog, I’ve got a live one!

No, you actually don’t. What you’ve got at that point could not be further from a strong prospect.

How can I know that? You’re missing the key ingredient that tells you the prospect is clearly ready to take action and spend money, serious money, with you.

First time ever: The Consequences Continuum!

You will be able to tell if the prospect is serious, how serious, and how willing to spend money, just by looking at this handout. You can see where they land on the continuum based on what you’re hearing from them. If they’re a potential fit, what you learn in this workshop will guide you to move them toward the Action and MONEY end of the Continuum.


Advanced Closing Strategies Checklist

Your quick and handy reference list to the top 13 closing strategies you can leverage with your prospects.


Big Boost-Your-Revenue Bennies

Two separate resources to build your per-client revenue - freebies tips and 6-figure success camp process.


Overcoming Money Hang-Ups (with MP3)

Your income can be intimately tied to your conscious and unconscious beliefs about money. Come set yourself free with this powerful session on how to break your barriers and make it easier to increase your earnings.


SWOT Analysis Pain & Coaching Strategy (with MP3)

Learn how to use a SWOT Matrix to rapidly show your prospects their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You'll rapidly pinpoint their pains and reasons for needing to invest in your services.


MP3 Audio Recordings, Listen Online Audio Links, and PDF Documents of Sessions

* * *

Who Will Benefit

This program is for you if you are:

  1. Tired of working too many hours per project and not being adequately compensated.
  2. Sick of being locked in to your prices and convinced this is 'what the market will bear'.
  3. Open to guidance and able to take what you want from suggested processes and make them your own.
  4. Ready to take action and make a leap, be a tiny bit brave, and say 'yes' to more revenue.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been in this industry more than a decade, you can accelerate your pricing and your earning with this program.

Who Will Not Benefit

This program is NOT for you if you are:

  1. Unwilling to listen to and act on advice from those who have 'been there and successfully done that' in pricing.
  2. Stuck on believing your own inner critic as to why you cannot and will not be able to charge as much as your successful colleagues.
  3. Not ready to make a change in the way you do things.

It doesn't have to be this way, but sometimes you are just not ready to do what it takes and make what can seem a leap of faith. If the faith is not there, then you aren't ready to fly with us.

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Client Sucess Stories

Cheryl Lynch Simpson

"In the two weeks since the COIN class I have closed 60% of my consults with two more still pending – my best win ratio ever. Plus, I increased each of my quotes and captured bigger packages and larger sales with each, to the tune of nearly $9K. That also represents an all-time high, which includes my biggest sale to date.

Thank you for an exceptional return on my training investment in this CDI program!!!"

Cheryl L. Simpson

Executive Resume Rescue
female silhouette

"The COIN sessions were one of the best investments I've made in my future, worth much more to me than what I paid. Both Laura and Pat are highly credible, knowledgeable and caring coaches.

I now feel much more empowered to develop a solid business model through the pricing strategies I learned. I also feel more comfortable to approach my consultations in a way that benefits both me and the client to the best degree possible, using the concrete strategies and specific questions for educating potential clients laid out by the presenters.

I'm also really excited about using the resources that will be provided after the fact. For someone about to leave the security of a lucrative full-time job for the dream of my own business doing what I love, I believe that this training will reach ROI for me in no time! Thanks, Laura and Pat!!"

Lauren Malmon

Career Innovations
Maureen Farmer

"I just signed up a new client for my signature 6-module career navigation program for double my previous price thanks to COIN."

Maureen Farmer

Word Right Career & HR Consulting
Laurie Berenson

"I am so pumped and motivated - THANK YOU. This program is bringing me exactly the clarity and confidence I needed.

I had an aha moment while listening to you both when I realized I've been listening and implementing everything my trainer tells me to do and I'm seeing great results. I need to view you two as my business trainers (which you are) and be just as diligent about implementing everything you're telling me to do and I'll see the same positive results. Thank you for such a strong program!"

Laurie Berenson

Sterling Career Concepts, LLC
(portrait) Jill Grindle

"This was awesome and totally worth my investment! You both did an outstanding job and I am hopeful that I can put these techniques to work soon. "

Jill Grindle

A Step Ahead Resume
(portrait) David Smith

"I’ve worked with Laura and CDI before to successfully make major increases in my pricing (effectively doubling my rates). Now, after going through CDI's Pricing and Selling strategy program I have to say that it absolutely rocks!

I thought this was a great program both in terms of pricing strategies as well as selling strategies. Both Laura and Pat were tremendous and it gave all of us much more than we could have anticipated.

From its innovative packaging pricing strategies to its solution based closing techniques, it will give you the confidence you need to lead your clients out of the jungle in their job hunt! What's holding you back?"

David Smith

Career Success Made Easy
(portrait) Rabbi Karpov

"Laura DeCarlo's and Pat Schuler's 'Coin' program's game-changing directive wisdom is, as usual, something that simply independently researching and reading could not have provided.

From people in the heart of the Careers industry who know their material, this teaching provides reasoned clarity in everything from pricing to closing strategies for this precise field. Its value, through immediate and long-range applicability, is far beyond what any of us can begin to compensate either of them adequately.

Anyone serious about--and ready to--strategize running their business, as well as honing their craft, should purchase it NOW -- it is that life-changing. Thanks!"

Rabbi R. Karpov

Bespoke Resumes and Career Coaching

Testimonials for Laura DeCarlo

Angie S. Jones

"Since I read Laura’s tips a month ago I have increased my closing ratio from 50% to 95% while increasing my prices at the same time!!!!!

Laura provides amazing advice and strategies that involve speaking to the client and understanding their fears. I cannot say enough great things about utilizing the resources we have available in CDI!"

Angie Maizlish

First Impressions

"Laura’s guidance has had more of an impact on growing my business than anyone else in the industry.

As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue!

I’ve now had clients invest as much as $800 in career services, and that’s in a small city with a 4% unemployment rate and where my previous competitors charged $75 (for a resume and cover letter).

I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING!"

Angie S. Jones

Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

"You're like a genie sitting atop an open chest of gold saying, 'Come on in! Take some!'

Because I started in this profession long ago, before you came along, I'll always be in awe of you (like I'll always be in awe of the Internet... and blow dryers ... and tv remote controls). Because I remember when those things didn't exist, and I know how much easier they, and you, have made life.

I'm extremely appreciative of what you do. You turned a basically solitary profession into a fun, supportive, rich world of knowledge and comradeship.

You're awesome!"

Terrie Wilson

Testimonials for Pat Schuler

Kristin Johnson Headshot CDI

"Today I got two calls from new clients (one a referral from a friend and one from a group I belong to). I finally felt like I knew what I was doing and they both are signing on for services with me.

I felt like the process was so natural and that they really understand the benefits of working with me. I am also confident that they are people that I can help and enjoy working with."

Kristin S. Johnson

Profession Direction
(photo) Camille Roberts

"Pat’s Kick Butt classes have totally transformed the way I think about sales.

I have done pretty well, having been in business 25 years, but my bottom line has significantly been transformed by the Kick Butt series, and Pat’s expertise. She is awesome, genuine, and a “Kick Butt” Sales Trainer!

I highly recommend Pat. She is one of the best “returns on investment” in the industry!"

Camille Roberts

CC Career Services