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    Thriving in Tough Times: 5 Unexpected Keys to Success (Audio)

    This is a fantastic master class with Pat Schuler! The five skills provide action steps you will be able to apply immediately. Take the time to listen to this class — you’ll feel more confident and empowered.

    If you’re looking for some new strategies and specific bottom-line action steps that feel natural and that you can put in play the same day, you are in the right place. This is not your typical soft and fuzzy pep talk. (Okay, you may get a little of that.)

    What Pat covers:

    • How do I stay positive but not delusional?
    • How do I navigate chaos and not give in to overwhelm?
    • How do I set myself apart and claim the opportunities that are out there?
    • How do I reclaim my momentum, emerge even stronger and not devastated?
    • How do I change my thinking to be more effective?

    About Pat: 

    Our presenter is Pat Schuler, President and Founder, The Gemini Resources Group, home of The Kick Butt Sales Training Program ™.

    For over 12 years Pat has been leading independent professionals, small business owners and sales professionals through the maze of growing their business. Pat’s clients typically see a minimum of 37% increase in their business as a result of her programs and individual coaching.

    The Thriving program distills the keys that Pat has been offering to her clients to see that they not only survive but Thrive in these interesting and challenging times. Including, but much more than, mission critical hard skill sets, the Thriving program gives us a new way to look at ourselves and the daily changing terrain around us. And perhaps new questions or essential questions you wan to revisit to help us center focus and move n these turbulent economic waters with clarity and vision.

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