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Resume Writers and Career Coaches, let me just say, "I've been there and I get it!"

If you have landed on this page, it's because you want to start or grow your resume writing business and/or career coaching practice.

You are looking for your BEST next step and don't have time to make mistakes.

I could say all kinds of fancy things to you, but here’s the truth about what we help you do:

Reclaim your life, get off the hamster wheel, earn 6-figures without stress, develop in-demand skills, and make your prospects eager to hire you.

Our members who follow our done-for-you scripts, tools, strategies, and engagement plans are saying:

Myles LoflandMyles LoflandDelta State University

Excellent recommendations as always. You're a rock star Laura DeCarlo.

Thanks for all your resources and encouragement for career practitioners. I've been involved in CDI for a few years now. The tip sheets, audio lessons, video trainings, etc. have helped me to begin standing out as a valuable commodity in the higher ed space.

Don’t stop because you’re changing lives.

Cathy LanzalacoCathy LanzalacoInspire Careers

Through use of your methodology I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my former prices.

Your wisdom and guidance also allowed me to take a 2-week vacation while still having the largest revenue month of the year.

Karen BartellKaren BartellBest-in-Class Resumes

By using your tried-and-true method and 97% close script, it’s like I was giving away gold. He acted like to couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away.

And another amazing event: I quoted and sold another client my deluxe package for double the price I would have charged someone at his level before.

Alana HenryAlana HenryThe Writique, LLC

I recently became a member of CDI and am absolutely blown away by the depth and breadth of resources for resume writing professionals. Kudos to you all and your team for doing such a great job and really working to ensure the success of resume writers!

Yes, we do offer all the things you've been told you need to be a great resume writer and career coach.

At the end of the day you need skill, certification, and authority, but you also need process.

At CDI you gain access to CDI's 6X Success Model.

It started out really simple.

I was an introvert with a dream who was trying to find a way to write and make a difference, but not have to talk much to people or, please no, have to sell.

But writing jobs weren't thick on the ground back in the 90s.

And, let’s face it, working for someone else is no fun.

If you’ve ever had to crush your creativity in a cubicle environment, bust your butt for a 23 cent raise, or been told, “if you have time to lean, you have time to clean”, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes, at 24 there was already a lot of "life" experience driving me to be successful.

Who is the “I” in this equation?

My name is Laura DeCarlo, and I joined the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association (PRWRA) in the year 2000, was drafted onto their leadership team after receiving the most points in their first-ever resume writing competition, and went on to become President in 2004, transitioning PRWRA into the Career Directors International it is today.

Yes, I catapulted my business to 6-figures within the first 2.5 years, but it wasn't a snap of my fingers.

Sometimes I could be found working away at my desk and mumbling, "There's a pony in there somewhere" or occasionally even crying about how I, "didn't want to die this way".

All I knew was that I:

  1. Didn't want to have a boss limiting my potential and making me do boring stuff on their schedule and;
  2. Had unlimited potential to get everything I wanted if I could just figure out this entrepreneurial stuff.

I consumed a lot of Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins in the beginning.

My mantras became:

"To get what you want in life, simply help enough other people to get what they want".

"If others were doing 2-3 speaking gigs a month, then I was doing 30, since I wanted to rise to the top as fast as I could".

It was exciting but also overwhelming.

Let's be clear that some stuff worked and some stuff didn't.

But I stayed in the fight and I did figure it all out, making it a repeatable, easy process.

That process includes such items as:

Clear strategies for writing vivid, visual resumes that win awards and make clients hungry to hire you.

Script on how to present, package, and close 4-figure packages of resume and career services, 94-97% of the time, without ever actually having to be salesy.

Simple presentation script that gets audiences excited and fills your calendar with appointments.

Critical spin to apply to a perceived weakness to ensure you always come out on top with prospects.

Methods and scripts to ensure your resume never gets blamed as the problem and that turns unhappy clients into repeat buyers.

Process for building a 55%+ referral base with clients.

Strategy for getting clients to feed you metrics-driven testimonials that make prospects eager to hire you.

Easy proposal process that lets you land 5-6 figure transition assistance contracts with corporations and government agencies.

Tools for readily teaching clients hidden job search, interviewing, and job survival strategies.

Pathways for turning challenging client histories into winning job search and resume processes.


I bet you are wondering how one person's knowledge spawned an entire organization.

First off, it did but it also didn't.

I'll start with how it did....

Every time I would go to a conference I'd end up talking to career professionals who were stuck. 

There are ALL kinds of stuck:

how to turn a resume writing job into a business ... how to raise prices (and get them) ... how to package services ... how to publish a book ... how to create graphically enhanced resumes ... how to win industry awards ... how to get resume clients into coaching ... how to land corporate transition gigs ... and even, how the heck I was doing all this stuff and still taking Fridays off.

Not only were they stuck, they didn't realize just how much easier (and more profitable) it could be with a few tweaks!

Without that peer contact and desire to help others, I might never have realized how unique, but also repeatable, my strategies actually were!

I'd just been going along, minding my own business and coming up with processes to circumvent my "I don't wanna sell or be let down" philosophy. It was a nice way to leapfrog that desired 6-figure mark that once had seemed so far off.

But the truth is that my processes worked for everyone who was willing to try them.

And most of them were super easy!

And I LOVED seeing my colleagues get to be so successful, confident, and excited!

Plus the timing was great, because I was starting to want to give back as my business shifted thanks to having 55 professional association resume expert contracts, nine writers, two coaches, and as many as 297 inquiries a week.

My heart was tugging me to this new path of helping my colleagues see how easily they too could be wildly successful.

It absolutely drove me crazy that someone would help their new graduate client, who had no experience, land a $140K job, yet be scrambling to make ends meet and working nights and weekends  with their $300 resumes that everyone thought were "too expensive".

How many times did my colleagues have to hear from their clients, "You saved my life (my marriage, my family, my home)" before they found a way to take back their time and make what they were worth?

So CDI and the career superhero were born.

CDI Logo
Resume Writers and Career Coaches at CDI Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live Career Conference


But you will never hear me say I did it all on my own. That's not what makes CDI great.

And this is the second piece about what makes CDI so unique in the value it brings our members...

Success is about processes, yes, but it's also about surrounding yourself with the leaders in your field, looking outside your arena for brilliant new ideas and intersections of talent, and consuming knowledge to be at the top of your game.

It's absolutely about embracing there is NO ONE WAY to do something and that different people need different strategies to succeed.

We will never say you "must" do something a certain way.

Instead we'll show you the paths of least resistance trekked by 6-figure-plus industry leaders and colleagues, and let you pick YOUR way.

Thus CDI continues to offer this edge to our members by seeking out the best and brightest to create our member master class webinars and teleclasses, lessons, and courses.

It's very true that you're success can be summed up by the people you surround yourself with!

I myself have also been known to attend and complete as many as 45 training and certification programs in a year so that I can forecast trends and continue to bring CDI members the content they need to be successful.

At CDI we want to surround you with people who are hungry for success, no matter WHAT they have already achieved.

Success isn't just for job seekers and we are here to give you everything you need to make this an awesome journey!

Truly what's most important is that the results speak for themselves: 

CDI provides leading-edge career-related resources that consistently add value and credibility to the career professional’s toolbox. The member-driven client newsletter, best-in-class publishing opportunities, top-notch industry awards, and useful links to business-related resources are defining membership benefits that make CDI an industry leader.

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Barbara SafaniBarbara SafaniCareer Solvers

I have spent at least two hours reviewing the CDI website and downloading materials for use with my practice. I must admit, I’ve been impressed with CDI from the moment I received access to the Members section of the website! My CDI membership dues was the best investment I’ve made for my business to date! I’m SO GLAD I joined CDI!!

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Cheryl HaynesCheryl HaynesEffective Engagement Career Solutions

CDI represents the best intersection between best practices in the careers industry and member support. As a CDI member, I have access to a wealth of resources that are hard to duplicate in any other professional careers association. I have recommended CDI to many of my business associates, and will continue to do so.

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Laura Smith-ProulxLaura Smith-ProulxAn Expert Resume

I am TOTALLY impressed; I’m a member of other groups and NOT ONE offers the online resources that CDI provides.

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Winifred A. WinstonWinifred A. WinstonThe Career Center, University of Baltimore

Reading the CDI elist, I have to say that you really do a great job of supporting your CDI members! I think it is why CDI is such a hit and why those that are a part of it become such fans – people know that it is more than just a business and that there is genuine support.

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Kris PlantrichKris PlantrichResumeWonders.com

I have to admit, I resisted joining CDI for years. I was doing rather well in my resume-writing business without membership, without certifications, without connecting with other resume writers. Then, one year, I took a closer look at the organization and decided to give it a try.

CDI offers education, insights, inspiration, and an ever-expanding collection of tips, scripts, and advice. It also provides community—a forum for asking questions and a resource for meeting other resume writers. Plus, there’s the chance to continuously push my writing and design skills to the next level through the TORI awards.

Through CDI, I learned to transform my daily work into a thriving business—increasing the quality and professionalism of my offerings and more than tripling my revenue. Big thanks!

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Eve RuthEve RuthCompelling Resumes

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and say I have been a member of CDI for almost a year now and I am blown away by how much you offer on this site. I find myself getting so consumed in all of the valuable education and tools you provide and it really inspires me that I can scale my own business as well!

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Caitlin OutenCaitlin Outen

I am so glad I joined CDI as the benefits are incredible. I learn something new every day through the member's network. The daily collaboration and support everyone offers each other to reach success is truly remarkable.

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Linda PanaroLinda PanaroMetacareers

I wanted to let you know that in starting this business, joining CDI has been the single most valuable decision I made. Thanks for all of the support. It's a wonderful organization.

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Ann M. LarsonAnn M. LarsonThe Interview Experience

Through CDI I continue to learn and stay current on such a broad range of topics that would otherwise be nearly impossible to manage. Thank you!

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Jeanne HanksJeanne HanksVisual-Career-Guides.com

I am truly thankful for such a wonderful association. The first day I gained membership, I dove right into the web site and uncovered a tremendous amount of information worth the price of membership. The resources and support I have already received is invaluable. I am enjoying all CDI has to offer and the friendly, personable service. It has been more than worth it!

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Jessica SykesJessica SykesDistinctive Resumes

I just signed up a new client for my signature 6-module career navigation program for double my previous price thanks to COIN. The COIN program, CDI Summit, and CDI MP3 teleseminars have been instrumental in building my knowledge and confidence. As a result, things have really gained momentum for my business. I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT CDI.

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Maureen FarmerMaureen FarmerWord Right Career & HR Consulting

I had to write and thank you for the fantastic teleclass: Overcoming Your Money Hang-ups. Every CDI teleclass I’ve done so far has been extremely helpful and relevant to my career as a resume writer, but this one was a revelation…it blew my socks off! So thank you so much for this amazing teleclass. I know it will affect me in many areas of my life from now on. It would have been worth twice what I paid for my yearly CDI membership, only it was free! So thank you...

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Lorraine WrightLorraine Wright21st Century Resumes

I just closed the single biggest resume sale of my career. I used your technique for closing from the CDI website. I also learned to set my hourly rate and used a contract for the sale from CDI's member resources. Thank you!!!

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It's been a little more than two years since I joined CDI and I must say that it has been the best thing I've ever done for my business. The educational resources, professional relationships, and subcontracting opportunities have enabled me to rapidly build my business from a small sideline practice into a thriving operation with a steady flow of business. When I hear people in other businesses complain about how slow things are, I simply can't relate.

CDI is the 'Ivy League' of career organizations yet it has that small college feel. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, join today and get certified.

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Tom AlbanoTom AlbanoAll Star Career Services

Great work indeed on the recent pricing and packaging survey. It’s rare to see such professional work done so comprehensively. What I find interesting is how the investment in a single year’s membership and attendance at a single CDI Conference, could move so many people to higher profit levels. If this survey doesn’t convince them of their membership’s value, nothing will. - Don Orlando, The McLean Group

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Don OrlandoDon OrlandoThe McLean Group

CDI offers crazy insane value. You are the Steve Jobs of career and resume organizations. You could take it down seven notches and still be superior. - Bryan Lubic, San Diego State University

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Bryan LubicBryan LubicSan Diego State University

This month is my best ever. Two of the biggest things this year that affected my business included attending the CDI conference and signing up for a CDI mentor. So many changes have come out of those two things. It’s great.

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Laurie BerensonLaurie BerensonSterling Career Concepts, LLC

Since joining CDI I’ve implemented your strategies, guidance and tools, along with other key steps, which included launching a new and optimized website. As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue!

I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING!

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Angie S. JonesAngie S. JonesHaute Resume & Career Services LLC

I am convinced beyond any doubt that my CMRW has strengthened my reputation in the eyes of my clients. By promoting my expertise with my CMRW, I am able to command increasingly higher prices and I am in the enviable position of being able to choose who I want to work with. Additionally, the CMRW has most certainly elevated my reputation in the industry amongst my peers.

Anyone who has aspirations to command more dollars and is keen to build on his or her expertise should simply bite the bullet and do it. Some associations only have one credential -- that's not for me! My business branding is all about striving for excellence.

I don't want to get into comparing certifications across the different associations but let's just say that my preference is to apply the "Goldilocks" philosophy. Some are too time consuming and expensive, some don't exist, and others are "Just Right"! I'd place the CMRW in the "Just Right" Category!

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Gayle HowardGayle HowardTop Margin Career Marketing
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Is CDI for You?

When you join CDI’s unique and powerful community you gain proven solutions to any and all of the above problems that might be plaguing you.

So, in short, if you are ready to put the sick, tired, confused, overwhelmed, and overworked models behind you, and ready to stop learning from folks who haven't yet gone where you want to go, then CDI is for you.

CDI is your launching pad to success.

I've explained to you the success that is waiting for you. But why do you need us? See if any of the following personas sound like you.

Our Successful Members are:

Start-Up Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘take flight’. Regardless of your industry specialty(s) you want a successful, profitable, and fun business without all the detrimental pitfalls of trying to figure it out alone.

Established Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘fly higher’. You’re ready to figure out how to take your business to the next level, free up your time, increase your income, and/or finally write that book or create that product.

Top-Level Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘break the sound barrier’. You’re wildly successful but you know there is more out there waiting for you.

Resume Writers and Other Writers – If it’s resume writing you do, then you want to be the best and be recognized by your prospects as one of the best. Whether you need to learn your craft, elevate your skills, solve a resume project problem, command your niche, or earn a certification, CDI is the industry leader for you.

Career Coaches and Other Career Professionals – You crave actionable knowledge that your clients will understand and that you can take to the bank for a win-win. CDI prides itself on its industry research reports, best practice standards, and world-class certifications.

Recruiters and HR Professionals – You recognize that partnering with other career industry leaders sets you apart in screening and finding hires, receiving resumes you want to read, and staying up-to-date on trends.

Authors – You’ve made it your mission to be seen as an authority on your career industry topics as you catapult your way to authorship stardom. You demand cutting-edge content, new trends, and access to the industry’s top masterminds.




What Exactly Do You Get When You Join?

CDI members gain access to a host of industry-exclusive resources, tools, and opportunities that are fine-tuned to accelerate your success:

Master Classes (Webinars and Teleseminars) on resume writing, business development, marketing, business management, job search, online ID, interviewing, and much more (more info). Free

Best Practice Tip Sheets ready to download with step-by-step advice to leap-frogging past your biggest challenges whether in business, resume writing, or career services (more info). Free

Industry-Leading Certifications and Training in the hottest trending areas of resume writing and career services. Fee

Learning on Demand with instant access to over 80 hours of online/MP3 expert webinars and teleseminars (view list). Free

Exclusive Reports and insider secrets on industry business, resume writing, online identity, and key areas that lead to your success (view sample report). Free

Award Competitions which exclusively position your business as a leader and create a business magnet for new clients (learn more). Fee

Access to Subcontracting Opportunities and Industry Masterminds with interactive forums and specialty groups for networking, problem-solving, referral opportunities, and growth. Free

Enhanced Visibility to Job Seekers via multi-point searchable database, blog authorship (4000+ unique hits), press releases, and marketing, publishing and social media opportunities. Free

Hottest Trends, Tools, Tips, and Opportunities delivered to your email with monthly Core Classes and Great Industry Resources. Free

High Octane Learning and Networking with CDI’s Entrepreneurial Success Secrets for resume and career pros (learn more). Fee

Suite of Resources at your fingertips, from contracts and agreements to marketing plans, PowerPoint presentations, and resume and profile tools. Free

Exclusive Discounts on High-Powered, Laser-Focused Consulting (1-1 program learn more) or (group learn more). Fee

Exciting Opportunities to Contribute and Network with a variety of fun, educational, and engaging volunteer roles that put your name on amazing member resources. Free

Member’s Logo and e-Certificate to proudly display your affiliation with CDI and show your prospects you are on the cutting edge. Free

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I have to admit, I resisted joining CDI for years. I was doing rather well in my resume-writing business without membership, without certifications, without connecting with other resume writers. Then, one year, I took a closer look at the organization and decided to give it a try.

CDI offers education, insights, inspiration, and an ever-expanding collection of tips, scripts, and advice. It also provides community—a forum for asking questions and a resource for meeting other resume writers. Plus, there’s the chance to continuously push my writing and design skills to the next level through the TORI awards.

Through CDI, I learned to transform my daily work into a thriving business—increasing the quality and professionalism of my offerings and more than tripling my revenue. Big thanks!

Eve Ruth

Compelling Resumes

Still not convinced CDI is your golden ticket to career industry success?

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Take a sneak peek into eight (8) previous member benefits. That’s like getting almost three months of membership benefits free! These are just a sampling of what CDI members receive week after week from their memberships.

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Gift #1: Step-by-Step Graphic Logos for TORI-Winning Resumes (Video Master Class)

Gift #2: Size Matters in Resume & Career Service Sales Consultations | Easy Process to Close More (Core Lesson)

Gift #3: Best Practice Tips for Landing & Working with Executive Job Seekers

Gift #4: Creating an Employment Reference Page Best Practices Tip Sheet

Gift #5: Done-for-You Resume Critique and Quote (Core Lesson)

Gift #6: Documents & Services Job Seekers Need You to Sell Them (Tip Sheet)

Gift #7: How to Publish Your Book or E-Book (Audio Master Class)

Gift #8: Deeper Look Into Handling “My Resume Doesn’t Work” without Refunds (Core Lesson)

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