Job Seeker Winning Interview Follow Up (Best Practice Tips)

You coached your clients to make it to the interview. So now what?

There are a whole host of strategies you can give them to stay in the game and increase their chances of making it to the next step….even if their first interview wasn’t a winner.

This nine (9) page tip sheet is written directly to the job seeker so that you can share it directly with your clients or learn the strategies yourself to impart in your career consulting.

In this tip sheet you will uncover juicy resources for your clients which include:

  • Leveraging the interview to position you for follow up success.
  • Conducting your own interview debrief and evaluating what took place to determine next actions.
  • Understanding the uses of follow up notes, letters, email, mail, and hand delivery.
  • Determining which type of follow up correspondence gets sent to whom, and when to send it.
  • Writing winning content for a follow up letter.
  • Overcoming a bad interview with a follow up letter strategy.
  • Learning how to stand out in subsequent interviews.
  • Utilizing a follow up process (and script) to stay in touch without becoming a pest.
  • Uncovering which methods are best for follow up – LinkedIn message, phone, or email.
  • Addressing and protecting yourself against unreasonable requests from prospective employers.
  • Trusting your gut and determining when to say no in the interview process.
  • Learning when to stop a job search.

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