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    Job Search Networking Strategy Package (Done-for-You Download)

    I’m excited to share with you this done-for-you 6-page job search networking strategy package you can give directly to your clients!

    What it includes:

    • All content written directly to the job seeker with no branding and an attractive layout, so you can use it with your clients however you choose.
    • Statistics on percentage of jobs found via networking (it’s 60-80%).
    • Critical list of networking do’s and don’ts.
    • Instructions for creating a networking contacts list with information on the four main target audiences.
    • Networking brainstorming checklist.
    • Strategy for ranking contacts to determine appropriate time focus for each.
    • Template for tracking networking contacts and their referrals.

    Again it’s a done-for-you tool you can just give to clients to add value to your service.

    Use it to:

    • Fill in the gaps in your current job search coaching and strategy package.
    • Replace valuable time you spend now sharing the information verbally with an easy-to-use document tool.
    • Use it to create greater value in the packages you offer (I’d assign it a dollar value from $47-97).
    • Reduce your risk of clients blaiming the resume by having educational tools that help them realize the resume is not a magic bullet and action is required on their part in this search process.

    This attractive 6-page package is yours to use at no cost as a CDI member.

    The reality is, that you need to have a full suite of services to help your clients succeed. Consider this networking tool one more item in your arsenal!

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