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    Creating Client Job Search Momentum & Accountability (Video Lesson)

    Video Lesson with Barbara Safani - Creating Client Job Search Momentum & AccountabilityJob search equals networking but far too often as career coaches we find that our clients become completely overwhelmed, and don’t know where or how to start. In our socially-distanced world, having a way to vet and utilize a network for job search is more important than ever. So we reached out to Barbara Safani, creator of the CareerSolvers Job Search Networking Tracking System, for strategies and advice you can use with your clients.

    She shares a fantastic process to help your clients realize they have a great network already and how they can start using it in this video lesson:

    How to Create Client Job Search Momentum & Accountability.

    In this 54-minute program, Barbara promises to cover:

    • Strategy for assessing the quality and quantity of a client’s network.
    • Methodology for tracking networking conversations​.
    • How to use a turnkey tool for documenting search activity and leads.
    • How to create value-add product and service upsells related to networking.

    While I was listening to Barbara I found these key takeaway topics you’ll want to learn about: 

    • Create a strategy for your clients to move forward with networking.
    • See how having a strategy will help extend client engagement packages.
    • Why a strategy will help clients to identify the challenges to overcome so they can get focused and going.
    • How having a tool that shows the growth of the network can be very motivating for your clients.
    • How making their network more accessible will lead to greater accountability.
    • Process for vetting the network and where to find them.
    • How to export LinkedIn contacts.
    • Workaround for clients who our overwhelmed by a long list of contact via a fast and easy systemized approach to ranking network and identifying the value of each person.
    • Steps to activate this information so your client can move their network forward with a simple chunking/grouping activity.
    • What to track and how to track it to keep the network straight.
    • How getting clients to use spreadsheets makes your coaching more of a focused process vs just a follow up.
    • How to monetize this service.
    • Way to offer as an upsell even if you don’t coach.
    • What categories to include in a networking spreadsheet.
    • Where job seekers can find networking leads.
    • Why not to exclude friends and family from job search networking.

    About Barbara:

    Barbara SafaniBarbara Safani has 20+ years of experience in career management, recruiting, executive coaching, and organizational development.

    She partners with both Fortune 100 companies and individuals to deliver targeted programs focusing on resume development, job search strategies, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation skills, and online identity management.

    She holds extensive certifications in resume writing and career coaching/career services. She is the creator of the CareerSolvers Job Search Networking Tracking System.

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