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How to Make Job Clubs and Coaching Clubs Work for You (Audio)

This was a great master class, which covered definitions, benefits, logistics, format/structure, and marketing of job clubs. Topics:


  1. “What exactly is a job club?
  2. Are there different types of clubs?


  1. Why would a job seeker want to participate in a job club? What’s the benefit?
  2. What about for the facilitator? What could a coach expect to get out of it?


  1. What types of locations work best for an in-person Job Club?
  2. What about online locations?
  3. What are some Ground Rules for optimum efficiency and effectiveness?
  4. Should a job club be paid or free? If paid, what are typical fees? Per meeting? For the entire program?


  1. Would someone like to share ideas for a typical agenda?
  2. How long would a typical Job Club session last?
  3. What about topics?
  4. How are topics selected? Are there featured speakers? Panels?


  1. What are some techniques to gain visibility for the Job Club?
  2. Should the Job Club have a sponsor or sponsors?
  3. How do you get a sponsor?
  4. How can you turn Job Club members into evangelists for the Job Club?


  • Chandlee Bryan of Best Fit Forward
  • Laura Labovich of Aspire! Empower! Career Strategy Group
  • Susan Guarneri of Assessment Goddess

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