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How to: Interviewing and Resume Writing (Audio and Video)

CDI has assembled more expert resources with audio and video channels. They cover a wide variety of topics in 1-3 minute easily digestible segments as well as full-length how-to programs.

These resources are available to our members.

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Resume Writers and Career Coaches

Access this + all of CDI’s resource library for as little as $97.

Whether you are just starting out or are an established entrepreneur, Career Directors has resources available to take you to your next step.

Expert Audio Career Tips

The International committee is proud to unveil our 3-minute Audio Expert Tips! Join CDI career professionals from around the world to learn more about topics such as:

  • Resume writing
  • Job search
  • International employment
  • Executive strategies

Access Expert Audio Career Tips>>

CDI’s YouTube Channel

CDI’s International committee has worked with members to create these short PowerPoint-based videos on topics such as:

  • Job search
  • Career management
  • Military-to-civilian transition
  • Career planning
  • resume writing
  • Interviewing

Access CDI’s YouTube channel: Career Tips from the Top>>

MonkeySee Video Series by Laura DeCarlo, CDI President

Laura DeCarlo created these two full-length, multi-part video series to help educate job seekers about the need to hire a professional resume writer and/or coach as well as to educate on the challenging elements of resume writing and preparing for job interviews. Watch them to learn and share them with your clients. Videos include:


Resume Writing – Introduction (Video)>>

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out (Video)>>

Making Your Resume Sell (Video)>>

Critical Resume Sections (Video)>>

Resume Formatting: Employment History (Video)>>

Important Resume Components (Video)>>

Making Your Resume Stand Out (Video)>>


Job Interview – Introduction (Video)>>

Job Interview – Details Make the Difference (Video)>>

Job Interview – Becoming an Expert (Video)>>

Job Interview – Creating a Portfolio>>

Job Interview – What to Bring (Video)>>

Job Interview – Creating a Positive Impression (Video)>>

Job Interview – Creating Powerful Answers (Video)>>

Acing a Job Interview (Video)>>

Job Interview – Discussing Salary and Increasing Your Offer (Video)>>

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