Hot Tools, Tips, Hacks & News – January 2018

Here are some more great tools, resources, and news you can use courtesy of CDI leadership and the Education committee.

In this issue:

  • Job search moves that make clients look unprofessional
  • Here’s how to make meaningful professional connections
  • Insight on how clients can jump-start their careers
  • Learn if work makes you happy from the World Happiness Report
  • RGB codes for choosing colors for your resumes
  • 4-step process to launching and building an online marketplace
  • What is your opposite job?
  • Reduce your eye strain when using a computer all day
  • Attract prospects with high value content
  • Hobbies could be answer to big boost in income
  • 4 tips to help build a professional brand
  • 8 tips for tapping into the hidden job market
  • 5 worst pieces of advice for business owners
  • 5 ways to combat entrepreneurial isolation

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