Hot Tools, Tips, Hacks & News – February 2018

Here are some more great tools, resources, and news you can use courtesy of CDI leadership and the Education committee.

In this issue:

  • Blockchain-based CVs could change employment forever
  • Calming job seeker reentry overwhelm
  • 7 worst mistakes job seekers can make during a career change
  • How to raise a child and run your business (without losing your mind in the process)
  • Simple shift that helps you successfully achieve your goals
  • A nifty trick for dealing with jerks at work (and in life)
  • 6 ways to tune up your email marketing
  • Improving productivity with MS Word
  • 5 words your clients should never use in a job interview
  • 4 secrets of recruiting every candidate should know
  • Avoid making these massive LinkedIn profile branding mistakes
  • 10 tricks extremely busy people use to stay productive
  • Catch the wave: the 21st-century career
  • Here’s how to figure out your company’s “voice”
  • Marketing strategies for promoting your coaching practice

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