Hot Tools, Tips, Hacks & News – December 2017

Here are some more great tools, resources, and news you can use courtesy of CDI leadership and the Education committee.

In this issue:

  • Your  clients and the ban on “What’s your current salary?” question
  • 10 skills that dramatically improve job seeker chances of being hired
  • The year in job search: job search trends around the world in 2017
  • Is any job really better than no job?
  • 7 ways to soothe a customer complaining online
  • Copywriting resources helpful to resume writers
  • How to network with different types of connections
  • Clients displaced by automation? They could try a new job of caregiver
  • 45 free online classes for you to take by the end of the year
  • 5 ways to create the perfect home office
  • Why you should charge more than you think you are worth
  • 5 copywriting hacks designed to give your business a boost
  • Understanding SEO
  • Surprising job search facts & funny HR statistics
  • Coach mature clients to pivot like pros

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