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Hot Tools, Tips, Hacks & News – August 2016

Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Advice 3d words on colorful gears to illustrate helpful information or how to assistance to complete a job, task, challenge or workLightbulb moment! Let’s make this great resource MORE accessible by putting it into the Member Resources section vs. in an email! I hope you enjoy these new tips and tools sourced by your fellow CDI members, education committee and leadership team.

In this issue:

  •  Referring Unemployable & Elderly Clients You Can’t Help
  • Artificial Intelligence in Job Search
  • Best Email Subject Lines for Getting Messages Read
  • Best Jobs by Myers-Briggs Type
  • Add-on Revenue Resource: HIRED! Job Search Course for Job Seekers
  • Interview Questions that Employers Ask (and Your Clients Need Prep to Answer)
  • What to Look for in Client Offer Letters
  • Local SEO Tips for More Clicks
  • Helping Executive Clients Get a Seat on the Board
  • Business Productivity Hacks
  • New Tool for Tricky Salary Negotiations

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