Deeper Look: Handling “My Resume Doesn’t Work” without Refunds (Core Lesson)

You wrote the resume and it was great, but you’ve got an unhappy client who claims it just isn’t working.

What do you do?

Do you offer to rewrite? Apologize? Give a partial refund? Feel stressed or lose confidence? Accept a chargeback?

You could do any of those things.

But instead, with this lesson you will have a:

  1. Process for dramatically reducing the risk of that happening in the future.
  2. Way to turn dissatisfaction into sales.
  3. Group of scripts you could adopt for responding easily, professionally, and positively to dissatisfied clients.

In this lesson you will learn how to deal with issues of:

  • Offering rewrite guarantees: Are they really for you?
  • Turning around unhappy clients into repeat purchasers.
  • Reducing the time spent and money lost on clients not using the resume the way it was meant to be used.
  • Responding to clients blaming the resume in general for not landing interviews.
  • Responding to clients blaming the resume when they got the interview but not the job.
  • Responding to clients blaming the resume when recruiters are not biting.
  • Responding to clients blaming the resume when they are applying for positions out of the realm of their resume’s target.

Last year I shared the scripts below and some ways to overcome the challenges of clients disssatisfied with their resume. I probably could have reworked the lesson, but wanted to provide a fresh approach. So now we are taking a deeper look. For convenience I’ve included the scripts again, but this time I’m going back further in the process to discuss how you lower your risk and keep from getting clients to blame the resume in the first place! So, here we go!

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