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    Grow Your Business with a Virtual Assistant (Audio Masterclass)

    Multitask_resizeVirtual assistants come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on the type you want and the investment you make, they can either take mundane tasks off your plate and leave you free to be the creative genius offering your services, or they can literally act like a consulting guru handling marketing campaigns, project management and even business streamlining.

    But are you ready for a VA? Can you afford a VA? Will you really benefit from a VA? It’s a big step and one some take too soon or too late. You don’t need to be up to your eyeballs in alligators to be ready for a VA! So, in this session, CDI President Laura DeCarlo will be navigating those waters to help you get clear on the whole virtual assistant landscape.

    In this session she covered:

    1. Am I ready for a VA (new and established businesses)?
    2. When it’s not yet time to hire a VA (changes to make first).
    3. VAs as admin support or consulting gurus: What services you can outsource.
    4. Best locations for finding VAs.
    5. What to expect to pay for VA services.
    6. What to watch for and what to expect when hiring a VA (process, interviewing).
    7. Systems, applications, or processes you might need when hiring a VA.
    8. My favorite ways to maximize the ROI of your VA investment.

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