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    Fall Strategy Call + Path to Keep Momentum

    Guide to Easy StepsAre you ready to move into your fourth quarter with power, passion, intention, strategy, ideas, and more revenue? 

    Then you MUST make time to listen to this recording!

    Today I brought the Fly Higher Tribe model to our Fall member action call, and it was so power-packed. Members asked their questions and we rocked them with links to CDI member resources, tools, strategies, and the steps needed to reach greater heights.

    I promised three things, which you will find on this page:

    1. Coaching and content around the questions asked during the call (see recording below).
    2. Links to CDI resources for the topics discussed for a more in-depth how-to approach (again, they are below).

    Today’s Topics & Audio Recording

    The topics we covered in this strategy coaching call included:

    • Client control functions and processes to ensure projects stay on schedule, clients don’t disappear, your time isn’t wasted, and there are crystalline boundaries to keep everyone happy.
    • How to use package suggestions to reduce risk of resume dissatisfaction and move prospects into bigger win-win solutions.
    • Understanding if CRM systems are right for you, and if so, what to know before implementing one.
    • Using email campaigns to convert your prospect list to paying clients and your existing customer list into repeat buyers. (Includes my favorite strategy for moving your email list prospects to purchase).
    • Whether you should have a referral program and how to ask for referrals. (Includes the one thing you MUST do for referring clients and companies).
    • Off-boarding clients to ensure they are taking the desired steps for you in terms of referrals, metric-driven testimonials, and being added to your mailing list. (Plus the language around these topics).

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