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    Career Entrepreneur Holiday Survive and Thrive Guide (Audio)

    Career Entrepreneur's Holiday Survive & Thrive Guide Audio LessonAs an entrepreneur, the winter holidays can be a sense of hope and inspiration or tension and stress. It’s very much a push-pull of having to work, wanting to use downtime, and also wanting and/or needing to take part in activities that can refuel you in your work. Whatever your plans, hopes, goals, needs or expectations, this session will give you the tools to survive and thrive as you optimize December (and any time you want to take time off), set yourself up for success next year, and make peace with your choices.

    During this 2-hour call we discuss the following topics in detail, with strategies and steps for your success:

    Scheduling and Planning:

    • How your colleagues plan to spend their holidays and what box you may be falling into.
    • Strategies to figure out your schedule now and year-round: utilize different scheduling strategies, plan for holiday business responsibilities, find the time you never seem to have to get things done, clearly understand the differences between have-tos vs. want-tos, and bounce back when things don’t go as planned.
    • Ways to create clear boundaries and expectations with your clients year-round and especially when you are planning to take time off.
    • What to do with your website and your email during the holidays.

    Make Money Before, During & After: 

    • What to look at (and change) if you find you have to work with clients during the holidays.
    • Ways to capitalize on popular buying periods, such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, including ideas for what to offer, how to offer it, critical email timing, and email volume.
    • How to create a purchase incentive when you are raising your prices.
    • Offers to make in January and how to address them.

    Best Uses of Your Holiday Time: 

    • What you should evaluate for potential changes to optimize your business for profit and time management.
    • Process for looking back at the past year to identify and celebrate accomplishments.
    • Ways to balance the push-pull of your holiday season.
    • How to plan out an editorial calendar for the year.
    • How to create your client and prospect lists without wasting your valuable, high-priced time.
    • Ways to know you have a resource you should be creating (and monetizing) as well as where to find done-for-you resources in CDI.
    • How to identify projects that could use your attention during the holidays.

    Mindset in Mayhem

    • How to cultivate a mindset to help you go with the flow, respect your choices, restart, and have a great holiday and prosperous new year.
    • What to defer to in decision making when you have to choose between work and play.
    • Ways to get back in gear and start again.
    • Strategies to value your time as a way to nourish your soul and make you happier at work or play.

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