Digging Up Dirt on Online Sites (Audio)

The web is filled with valuable resources as well as treacherous pitfalls. Do you really know how to advise your clients on avoiding the scammers, schemers, and unethical operators? In this session Susan P. Joyce and Margaret Riley Dikel will share with you simple strategies to select and evaluate online sites and resources, and understand the pitfalls in seemingly innocent emails attached to which can be lurking real threats.

About our presenters:

Margaret Riley Dikel started The Riley Guide in January of 1994 to aid job seekers in their search for employment and recruiters in their search for employees. She is co-author of The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning, (3rd edition, Summer 2011), published by the National Career Development Association. She was principle author of The Guide to Internet Job Searching, which for many years was the premiere “how to” guide to taking your job search online.

Margaret holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from the Boston Conservatory and a Master of Science in Library and Information Sciences from Simmons College. She has worked in the libraries at Boston Conservatory, MIT, and Worchester Polytechnic Institute. Her professional affiliations include the American Library Association, CDI, and the National Career Development Association, and she still calls herself a librarian.

Susan P. Joyce has owned, edited, and Webmastered Job-Hunt.org since 1998. Since 1994, she has been researching, writing, and teaching about online job search, with an emphasis on privacy and reputation protection. Her background is IT and she has an MBA in information systems and operations management. For three years, she worked in Harvard University’s Personnel Office and spent one year working in a salary compensation survey and consulting company.

Susan is also a Vietnam Era veteran, with three years in the USMC as an intelligence officer, and also a corporate layoff “graduate” (1994, Digital Equipment Corporation – at the time, a FORTUNE 40 company which was #2 in the computer industry behind IBM and way ahead of HP).

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