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    10 Steps to Defining Your Authentic Personal Brand – Worksheet

    By Meg Guiseppi, CPBS, MRW, CPRW, Executive Resume Branding

    Perceptions and definitions of personal branding vary greatly and misconceptions abound. Here’s my take on it:

    “Personal Branding links your passions, key personal attributes, and strengths with your value proposition, in a crystal clear message that differentiates your unique promise of value from your peers and resonates with your target audience.”

    What’s great about branding is that it generates the kind of chemistry that indicates good fit to decision makers assessing whether to hire you or do business with you.

    In my practice, I’ve been incorporating what’s now called personal branding in my clients’ career marketing communications for many years. It’s always been my mission to differentiate them from their competition in the job market, breathe life into otherwise flat career marketing materials, and position them for job search acceleration.

    But there’s so much more to learn. I continuously tweak, refine, and improve my clients’ personal branding development process. To enhance my expertise, I completed the Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist program.

    The process was intensive and at first overwhelming. Being introspective and digging deep was somewhat painful, but ultimately eye-opening, affirming, and energizing.

    Uncovering and pulling together all of the following 10 components will arm you with a compelling personal brand message to anchor and weave throughout all your online and offline career marketing communications:

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