Amping Up Referrals With Client Follow Up

It is easy to get stuck in a holding pattern where all you feel like you are doing is seeing customers and writing their resumes. In fact, it can sometimes seem as if there is an endless stream of new business out there to be had. While it is true that advertising, marketing and public relations efforts will always draw new customers, we do not want to neglect the wealth of value that can be had with our existing client base.

If you want to increase your referral rate from satisfied clients and/or wish to be able to maintain your prior clients for repeat business, then you need to follow-up. It is very similar to the job seeker who goes to the interview and then never hears anything again but waits patiently. People need constant reminders to keep your business and services fresh in their minds. In some cases, you are remembered, but they just cannot think of your business name or your phone number!

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