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    Certified Hidden Job Coaches & Profile Writers (CJCPW)

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    CDI’s Certified Hidden Job Coaches and Profile Writers have shown they know their way around online job search and targeting unlisted jobs, social media profile writing, and career management.

    The ultimate in career puzzle masters, they can guide job seekers through the bewildering maze of Internet job search. This can include, but is not limited to: online identity, target company ID, hidden jobs, job boards and apps, networking, building a LinkedIn profile, hiding digital dirt, finding information on new professions and careers — everything that goes into successfully finding, applying for, and being visible for jobs today.

    In 2023 we updated the logo, so it is possible you may see either one in use by a verified individual on this list below.

    To date their are just nine (9) career professionals who have earned this credential, including the creator who does not work with job seekers. They are listed in alphabetical order, and thus by no special preference:

    Kimberly Ben – Top Resume Writing & Career Services

    Tammy Chisholm – Premier Professional Resumes / Executive Career Pathway

    Laura DeCarlo – Career Directors International (course creator; not available for client services)

    Lori Jazvac – Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes

    Adriana Macias – Marine Corps Community Services – Wounded Warriors

    Tara Reynolds – Marine Corps Community Services – Wounded Warriors

    Barbara Safani – Career Solvers

    Betsy Shepard Reed – BSR Career Development

    Julie Street – Life Path Career Coaching

    * Others claiming the CJCPW credential from CDI may have forfeited their right to the credential due to not maintaining continuing education requirements. Or, they may simply be falsely claiming the credential. Do note that the list will change as new members earn the credential, so it is always a good idea to search again using CDI’s Find a Career Professional database.

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    Hiring a career service provider: A coach designation or certification is just one of the criteria you should consider when selecting the best match for you. We recommend you take a few moments to learn more about selecting a company at CDI’s How to Select a Career Service Provider page.

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