Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 3: It’s a Cha Cha Not a Challenge

This is part 3 of a series on breaking the beliefs that are holding you back from your greatest success as a career industry entrepreneur and business owner. If you have not done so yet, please go back and read part 1 and 2:

Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 1: How to Stop BOBbing and Start Weaving (Core Lesson) >>

Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 2: Let’s Get Off Our “Buts” (Core Lesson) >>

The above lessons are critical groundwork before beginning this lesson and will help you rev up your motor to start moving forward powerfully.

So, hopefully at this point you’re finding some breakthroughs on your Business Owner Beliefs (BOBbing) and getting past the buts that have might have been keeping you on your butt without the success you desire.

This new lesson makes me think of a cha cha because we are talking about beliefs that we tend to see as black or white: do or don’t, can or can’t, will or won’t. But in reality life is a cha cha – you’re going to take a step forward and take a step back. See it as a beautiful dance and an opportunity to learn and you will go far!

Let’s go ahead and look at some more of the beliefs we want to crush and replace with action and excitement.

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