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    Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 2: Let’s Get Off Our “Buts” (Core Lesson) >

    This is part 2 of a series on breaking the beliefs that are holding you back from your greatest success as a career industry entrepreneur and business owner. If you have not done so yet, please go back and read part 1:

    Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 1: How to Stop BOBbing and Start Weaving (Core Lesson) >>

    It is foundational before beginning this lesson and will help you rev up your motor to start moving forward powerfully.

    In fact, here’s what one CDI member wrote in after reading it:

    This is a great first article, thank you. And you’re right – once I changed the idea of myself from resume writer (pronounced in the most pretentious way possible, like this: “writEUR”), and started seeing myself as a business owner and entrepreneur, my business grew more than 300%. And that’s just in the first year.

    So step back, even if it’s just for a reread and refresher!

    In this part two, I couldn’t stop myself with more weird wit. Again, I’m just trying to grab you and again, get past any filters and beliefs holding you back.

    In lesson one I told you I used the BOBbing (for business owner beliefs) concept instead of the get off our “buts” concept, which is double meaning for it’s our excuses (buts) that keep us on our butts and less successful then we would like to be.

    It TRULY IS the “but” statements that hold us back!

    So, let’s move forward to break some buts…

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