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    Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Part 1: How to Stop BOBbing and Start Weaving (Core Lesson)

    This is Part I of a series. Initially it was one lesson but as it hit ten pages when not yet half way written, I knew it needed to be split up and expanded for you in smaller, more digestible pieces. Please be sure to watch for future installments. 


    Nope, that’s not a typo and it won’t make sense until you dig a ways down into this lesson.

    I did that for a reason because I want you to read this. In fact, if you are struggling in your business, you need to read this because I am trying to sneak past some beliefs that are holding you back from your awesome success.

    Originally I called this lesson How to Get Off the Butts Holding You Back.

    That wasn’t a typo either. Because our buts can totally keep us on our butts, which leads to struggling and stress.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not calling you lazy. I’m not even saying you aren’t successful.

    You’re probably working long hours and are thinking:

    “I’m busy as can be. I never get a break. I miss family functions I’m so busy. Heck, I have to work nights and weekends to keep up. The last time I went to a conference I was stuck in my room writing half the day for clients. I haven’t had a vacation in three years.”

    I’m sure you are working hard but your focus is in the wrong place because you’ve been led to believe something that isn’t true. That something is holding you back.

    Let me share a couple of quick stories with you that will start to illustrate what I mean.

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