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    Social media conceptI am really excited! This is something totally new we’re adding to help you get more exposure to prospects via social media and internet visibility, so please read!

    About 5-8 times a year CDI publishes Best Practices Tip Sheets for our members on career, resume, and business/marketing topics.

    Some of these can be given directly to your clients as a value add-on and others are just for you.

    In either case, they are always chock full of the best of the best proven pro tips on each topic to help you jump in and get moving at top speed!

    So, how can we make this better?

    Find a way to get you more visibility for the tips you share for our Best Practice Tip Sheets!

    You see, the tips come from our members as well as CDI’s President and business success coach, Laura DeCarlo.

    Up until now you have been able to benefit by getting listed as a contributor on the tip sheet, and that’s it.


    For job-seeker facing tip sheets (or tips that can be easily made to be job seeker friendly) we will now be looking to do the following:

    Source a few top tips from each new job-seeker-facing tip sheet for social mention (FB, Twitter, LI, Google Plus). Tip contributor will be recognized by name!

    When enough suitable tips are available on a topic for job sekers, use a selection of top tips to create a blog post for CDI’s job seeker blog (which receives 4000+ unique hits on our hot posts). Again, each tip would be recognized, but these would also include a URL link to your site!

    Imagine the exposure, just because we use your tip(s)!

    This is a CDI Member Benefit.

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