Applicant Tracking Systems: ATS Resumes (Best Practice Tip)

Do you feel totally overwhelmed when you ponder the question, “Are the resumes I am writing applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly?” You are not alone. This is one of the most daunting issues resume writers face. Worry no more with CDI’s new Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Resumes) Best Practice Tip Sheet + Sample Resume Template.

This invaluable tool would not have been possible without the industry-leading expertise of Robin Schlinger of Robin’s Resumes®. We are extremely honored that Robin has taken the time to create this tip sheet and make this information available to the members of CDI.

This tip sheet includes 4+ pages of of information, including:

  • Items to consider
  • Selecting the job announcements / careers
  • In-depth details on resume formatting. This is followed by a bonus sample resume template to help guide you in creating ATS-friendly resumes.

Robin’s master tips will help you navigate the ATS maze.

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