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    Answer to the Interview question: “Why do you Want to be a Police Officer?”

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    Once you have written the resume and personal statement that advances you to the next phase of the constable selection process, it’s time to start planning answers to the many questions you will be asked by the interview panel. Usually, the one question that stumps the candidate is “Why do you want to be a Police Officer?

    It doesn’t have to be a long answer but it does take considerable thought.

    Key components to your answer should include your desire for permanent, long-term work while serving your community – a community you know well!

    You can share that you value the opportunity to help others not only by attending on scene to a crisis, but also through public relations presentations and good-will initiatives.

    It’s smart to indicate that beyond initial training, you are eventually interested in honing in on one particular area of interest or skill. This can be anything from photography or diving to cyber security or explosive disposal. This is where the value of a previous career comes in handy. Former military, teachers, IT professionals etc. have a lot to offer any police service.

    Leave out your love of shooting guns, your desire to drive police cars at break neck speed to chase to catch and lock up “dirt bags”. (Yes people have said these on more than one occasion).

    This is the answer to only one of about 30 questions that you could be asked during a typical police interview process. Just like all other responses, this answer certainly requires planning.

    Good luck as you pursue your goal to serve and protect!

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