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If you are looking to run your business efficiently and ensure its growth, you’ll want to invest in the WriteSea platform!

Automate Your Business!

WriteSea is great for bringing automation to your workflows when dealing with clients, which is certainly a plus. Automating your process is as easy as creating your workflow. Once that workflow is set up, the platform takes care of the rest, including sending reminders to your clients and other team members as well as notifying clients every time a piece of the project is uploaded to the platform. Our clients report saving an average of 45 minutes per client with our platform!

“I haven’t seen anything like it! This is a game changer!”

-Professional Resume Writer Testimonial

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  • WriteSea is customizable and straightforward, which makes it ideal for writers. Unlike platforms not specifically created for resume writers & coaches, this platform is meant to be built around the writing process of different types of Resume Writers.

Document Revision Tracking

  • Easily track every document version until your clients are satisfied in one easy to manage portal!
  • No more tracking down customer email after customer email!

User Friendly

  • The platform itself is also meant to be well-understood by users regardless of their experience with technology or other CRM software. In addition, we offer free set up, free training (as much as you need!) and free tech support and customer service!
  • WriteSea offers templates, questionnaires, contracts, and more that can each be customized per your needs as a writer and per your client’s needs. Again, this platform focuses on serving the needs of Resume Writers. With this in mind, the documents provided are built to be comprehensible for clients and writers alike and customizable to best suit the needs of each project.

Easily Communicate with your Clients!

  • One key feature that this platform allows, which is secular to writers and coaches, is it allows you the option to send your client customized follow-up questions. Follow-up questions offer a great opportunity to ask critical, clarifying questions on any of the information already provided to you by your client, which helps to increase client satisfaction in the end.
  • If you’re working on writing projects that require close collaboration with your clients, this platform has the most to offer. WriteSea is the only platform that offers real-time communication features with your clients. Given the collaborative nature of such projects, communication is a huge aspect of the writing business. When it comes to client communication, WriteSea takes the cake.

Schedule your FREE DEMO today: https://writesea.com/demo/

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“I really like the platform for sure! I can definitely see myself using this in my business!”

-Certified Resume Writer Testimonial

“It has everything you need!”

-Professional Resume Writer Testimonial

“I’m not doing a lot of volume yet, but purchasing this has given me a little kick to
get moving on my business. I love how simple it is…”

-Professional Resume Writer Testimonial

“Right now, my business partner and I are not able to work to the best of our ability.
This is amazing because it’s all in one place!”

-Executive Resume Writer Testimonial

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