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Curious About Outplacement?

  • Are you interested in adding another revenue stream to your business?
  • Are you curious to know if outplacement could be that revenue stream?
  • Do you want it to be easier than you think?
  • Do you want to know more about it and how it works?
  • Do you want to reach more customers who will pay substantially for your professional services?
  • Do you want the potential to make more money with one customer contract than you ever have?

If so, then reading "Unpacking Outplacement – A Career Pro's Easy Guide to Landing High-Dollar Corporate Career Transition Clients" is your next move.

The Unpacking Outplacement Guide

This e-guide is a quick and meaningful read. It provides the best education and insights into the outplacement world.

The chapters include:

  • Is It Outplacement or Career Transition?
  • Why Do This at All?
  • Employers and Career Transition – What You Need to Know
  • Going Against the Big Names - It's Not That Hard!
  • What Services Should I Offer?
  • How Do I Sell This Program?
  • Engaging Your Client
  • Tools for A Turnkey Program
  • Pulling It Altogether

After you read the guide, you will have the information and insights you need so you can add this lucrative revenue stream to your business.

Here's what Martin Buckland, Global Executive Career Management Practitioner, had to say about Unpacking Outplacement: 

"This guide swiftly captivated me into wanting to connect with Lotte further. It details and puts the interesting and rewarding career transition service into perspective. In short, there is an acute need for you, the CDI membership to at least open dialogue to see if it’s for you.

I know the industry well and the most established CDI members are perfectly capable of offering an exemplary, personalized career transition service. It’s exciting!

Career transition by CDI members is so needed. Personalized service is a rarity today from the larger firms. You have the skills, you have the drive, now you just need the program. It’s here for you all the hard work has been completed and tested by Lotte. Now is your chance to broaden your services, widen your audience, sharpen your brand and generate additional revenue!

This guide uniquely positions you to share your wealth and knowledge and make an impact. You are fully equipped to enter the profitable and gratifying career transition space. Be bold, take advantage of this turnkey guide. Go for it!

You are a Career Director, now direct your client’s career when they need your expertise the most."

Here’s what Sarah Johnston - Executive Resume Writer + LinkedIn Branding | Interview Coach had to say about Unpacking Outplacement:

"I purchased Lotte's book "Unpacking Outplacement" so that I could learn more about her success in helping displaced executives make a career transition. As a "career junkie," I've purchased MANY books (probably hundreds!) on career thought leadership. Lotte's offers a unique perspective and will be instrumental in my business.

The information I gained from her book and presentation will help me scale my business and continue offering value to job seekers. Highly, highly recommend."

Ready to purchase the guide?

The regular price for this guide is just $49. CDI members save $10 and get it for only $39.

Check out the guide here.

The regular price for this guide is just $49. CDI members save $10 and get it for only $39. Claim your discount at checkout by using coupon code CDI10off.

Take it One Step Further

If you are ready to jump in after reading the guide, Lotte Struwing can help you get started right away with the Turnkey Solution which includes:

  • The “Done for You Forms” you need for the customer, client, and yourself to get you started
  • 3 – 250 page CDI award-winning career transition guides (one for you and two for clients)
  • 1 hour of 1:1 coaching to answer your specific questions
  • A Termination Best Practice Checklist that guides and reassures customers as they go through the termination process

Check it out here.

Not Sure if Outplacement is For You?

Are you curious about outplacement but not ready to make the $39 investment in your business? Lotte has you covered.  She has created a free, no-pressure, 5-day challenge to determine if this is right for you and your business.

All you have to do is set aside a maximum of 30 minutes each day for this challenge. It may not take that long but savoring the experience may put you way ahead in planning if you decide to add this revenue stream to your business. Sign up for your 5-day challenge here.

For any further support or guidance, please connect with Lotte Struwing at lotte@nullhrcareertransition.com.


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