Talent Signal

Deferred Payment Platform for Job-Seekers and Career Professionals

Clients who cannot pay upfront are often the ones who need career guidance the most.  Layoffs, furloughs, disruptions from the global pandemic, and many other setbacks can make it that much harder for job-seekers to pay for the professional services they need to advance their career.

Rather than turn those clients away or lock them into a risky loan, what if you could instead share in their future success after helping them today?  Introducing Talent Signal, the simple deferred payment platform that removes financial barriers between job-seekers and career professionals.  The program uses a special type of contract called an Income Share Agreement (or ISA) that entitles the service provider to receive a fixed percent of the client's annual gross income over 12 months after landing a great job.

We have proven our innovative business model works, with clients landing career-advancing jobs in as little as 7 weeks after starting our career accelerator program. Now we're looking to expand our network and serve as many job-seekers as possible. Joining Talent Signal as a career professional costs nothing - you continue running your business, while we handle all the backend payment logistics so you can focus on serving your clients and getting paid.

Here’s what one of our successful career advisors has to say:

Talent Signal has made coaching accessible to clients who otherwise are unable to afford it. Namely, those who are unemployed and underemployed.  When consulting with a client, if they fall into one of these two categories, I offer my ‘deferred payment option’ (i.e. Talent Signal). So far this year, I will make a minimum of $9,000 more because of Talent Signal!

To find out more about how Talent Signal can help you reach more clients, contact Ted Whelan: tedwhelan@nulltalentsignal.io.