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Give your clients the edge in their job search by pairing their resumé with a Career Snapshot!

The Career Snapshot© is the perfect partner to your traditional resumé/CV. This new job-seeking tool will amp up the ROI by providing a one-page interactive infographic that represents a job seeker’s greatest career, business, academic, and life achievements with numbers, captions, and icons. (You can find numerous examples on our website.)

As a career professional you know that numbers (metrics) quickly telegraph individual stories of success. In a competitive hiring environment where professionals spend only seconds culling candidates, getting noticed immediately is critical. Numbers and brief captions are a quick read, especially when augmented by clever iconography.

Your clients will use their Career Snapshots to network, as attachments to cover letters, on their professional profiles, when applying for jobs online, and even during interviews.

Our vector-based PDFs are also interactive. Email, professional profile, portfolio, and social media links are all live, making it easy for recruiters or hiring managers to access the candidate’s supporting materials.

Career coaches and recruiters agree that the addition of a Career Snapshot to a resumé/CV and cover letter helps job seekers stand out, get noticed, and get hired. Our product line also includes custom LinkedIn Profile Background Graphics based on a client’s Career Snapshot. This graphic is terrific for improving personal branding.

It's easy to start offering Career Snapshots with our revenue sharing program.

MyCareerSnapshot© is actively partnering with career coaches and resumé writers across North America and Europe. These professionals have included the Career Snapshot as part of their client service offerings, and adding revenue to their business by offering a product that is additive and compatible with their other services. The Career Snapshot is a supplement to the traditional resumé/CV and cover letter, not a replacement.

You won’t find any other company commercially producing graphics for job seekers like the Career Snapshot. We’re proud to offer innovation with a proven back-end and production process to meet the needs of career service professionals, career coaches, resumé writers, and those working in outplacement services.

Our Affiliate Partnership requires no up-front costs and has no hidden fees. It is a simple revenue sharing program where our partners earn $70-100 bonuses for each Career Snapshot purchased by them or directly by their clients. These bonuses create a new revenue stream based on a compatible product your existing and future client needs. Your clients also receive the largest available discount with a coupon code provided by you.

Visit www.MyCareerSnapshot.com to review our product line.

Inquiries about our Affiliate Partner program can be made at info@nullMyCareerSnapshot.com. This email goes directly to the company’s owner, Rex Roy.


See what it’s all about with your own Career Snapshot today!

Want to test it out before becoming an Affiliate Partner? Contact info@nullMyCareerSnapshot.com to request your own Career Snapshot.

Normally a $380 product, we'll product yours for just $80 (below our cost) so you can experience the process, see the quality of the product, and even use as a supplementary marketing tool. You can also upgrade your LinkedIn presentation by adding a LinkedIn profile graphic to this for just $30 more.

This offer expires 12/15/2021.

We can't wait to speak to you about how you can start leveraging Career Snapshot to increase your revenue and take your job-seeking clients to the next level!