Customized Video System For Job Search and Career Management

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As career professionals, we adapt to help our clients stand out in today’s ever-changing job search and career landscape.

CareerBrandVideos™ is an innovative, customized video system that will help you help your clients, while you earn hefty commissions . . . whether you offer it to your clients as a passive income stream or add it to one of your packages of services and products.

CareerBrandVideos™ won the 2020 CDI Career Innovator Award

Benefits to You, as a CareerBrandVideos™ Affiliate

  • Earn 15% commissions on every sale
  • Earn substantially more when you add CareerBrandVideos™ to one of your packages
  • Increase your average transaction without doing more work
  • Help your clients build online visibility with 3 compelling videos covering the critical personal branding components: Personality, Subject Matter Expertise and Testimonials
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors as a unique and savvy career professional who offers video, where few others do
  • Sell more lucrative offerings
  • Earn passive income

Benefits to You as an Entrepreneur, When You Purchase Your Own Set of 3 CareerBrandVideos™ at a 15% discount

Just like the benefits to your clients, you’ll:

  • Communicate your personal brand and unique value prop to your target audience
  • Attract more of the right kinds of clients
  • Expand your company’s online visibility
  • Land near the top of search results for “your company” and your areas of expertise
  • Outrank your competition
  • Position yourself as up-to-date with the digital age and the new world of work, because you use video in your marketing
The Power of Video for Personal Branding

The CareerBrandVideos™ Team

I’m Meg Guiseppi, the founder of Executive Career Brand™ and a co-creator of CareerBrandVideos™. I’ve spent my career helping my executive clients differentiate and communicate their unique value to their target employers.

I teamed with two experts in their fields to create CareerBrandVideos™ for job seekers, professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t have the technical ability or desire to create their own videos . . . or the budget to hire a high-priced video creation agency to do it:

  • Hannah Morgan, founder of Career Sherpa is a nationally-recognized job search social media expert and influencer.
  • André Palko, founder of Small Business Rainmaker™, has been creating high-impact videos for entrepreneurs and his own businesses for nearly 20 years.

The Case for Video

Career professionals know that personal branding and online visibility are no longer optional. Branding helps generate chemistry by injecting personality into resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios, cover letters, etc. Online visibility helps your clients (and you) get found by more people.

But branding with plain content alone is not enough anymore. Video and other visual content have proven to have a much greater impact. These things get you and your clients’ messaging across much better. Video resumes have been around for a while, and they can work well, but it can be very difficult to convey personal branding verbally in video resumes. It often comes off as bragging. Since your clients don’t appear on camera with CareerBrandVideos™, there’s little chance this will happen.

CareerBrandVideos™ is a new approach to video for job search and career management . . . a high-quality, reasonably priced Done-For-You (DFY) video system for people who:

  • Don’t perform well on camera, because they won’t BE on camera
  • Don’t want to touch video technology
  • Don't want to "out" the fact that they're job-hunting. CareerBrandVideos™ are not job-searchy like video resumes
  • Don't know which video format, length and style is best for them to use

What One Job Seeker Said About His CareerBrandVideos™

“I can't say enough about the team behind this tool! They're extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and customer-focused. I'm very grateful for them, their support, and their excellent CareerBrandVideos™ tool. This is a simple way to create an effective and engaging online marketing presence. My videos are high-quality and exceeded my expectations.

The process helped me sort the many skills my background represents, and pinpoint and highlight my key strengths. These were distilled into a simple, engaging and effective visual marketing tool that's easy to deploy online. The ebook was/is hugely helpful to me as I've not done anything like this before, and never used video before. I definitely recommend that anyone use this video program.” – Rob Acker, Real Estate (Re)Development Executive

One of the great things about CareerBrandVideos™: You don’t need to know ANYTHING about creating video – scripting, production, technology, etc. We do all the video work using content provided by you and/or your client.

PLUS: Each set of 3 CareerBrandVideos™ comes with our in depth step-by-step ebook on how and where to use your videos for maximum impact.

How to Proceed

There is no investment required to begin selling CareerBrandVideos™ as an affiliate. If you are ready to make the affiliate program work for you, apply here. You will also learn how to purchase your own set of 3 CareerBrandVideos™ at a 15% discount.