6-Figure Strategy for Resume Writers and Career Coaches (Video Lesson)

CDI's 6-Figure Success Strategy Event for Resume Writers and Career CoachesThis was an amazing deep-dive coaching and strategy event on 6-figure+ strategy for CDI member resume writers and career coaches! So many pearls of wisdom came out of this to help stabilize and grow your business without stress.

Modeled after our monthly Fly Higher Tribe group events, participants were able to ask their pressing questions and then we dove in creating a rich treasure trove of resources.

Topics in this 6-Figure Strategy for Resume Writers and Career Coaches event:

Packaging & Selling Your Services: Everything packages, with emphasis on how to robustly price them, how many packages to have and what goes in them to make them most appealing to prospects, how to price a la carte offerings, incentives to use on packages, mindset you need to have for positioning and offering packages, packages for all services, packages for only career coaching, benefits of offering a group event and upselling to 1-1 on the back end, how to use edu-fearacating in your consultations, the map of a successful consult, why samples/visuals of services and specific testimonial styles matter in closing the sale, and verbiage to use when presenting the options.

Sneak Peek at the New Member Dashboard: We’re going visual with a very user-friendly new member dashboard that will be rolling out soon. Watch the video to be the first to see the new look and feel!

TORI Resume Writing Awards: Specifically addressing whether the TORIs are worth entering if you are somewhat new to resume writing and/or haven’t been certified. Discussion of the new classic design resume categories and information on how the TORIs are the most cost-effective yet lucrative strategy you can deploy to grow your resume business.

Capturing the Sales When Prospects Have to Think About It: Everyone runs into prospects that aren’t ready to purchase on the spot, so it’s important to know how to create a sense of urgency, easily gain a second chance, and make sure the offer is not just hanging out there indefinitely. Includes specific wording and strategies to use.

Getting More Referrals: We went up and down the referral topic from strategies for upping client referrals to events to participate in to get referrals (and how to participate in those events and get traction when you are on the shy side) to gaining professional referrals.

Pros & Cons of Using LinkedIn vs. a Website for Business Presence: Today it can feel like LinkedIn is all you need if your business is flourishing from your presence and activity on that platform. But is there a dark side to relying on LinkedIn without your own stand-alone presence? We explore both approaches.

Resumes & Grammar/Punctuation Challenges: Resources that exist to help you if English is your second language or you just get overwhelmed sometimes by punctuation and grammar.

COVID Impact on Businesses: Taking the pulse of participants on whether they have seen differences in their resume writing/career coaching businesses this year and last year.

Local Market Marketing: When to avoid it and when to go for it with all the pros to building your presence in your local market combined with the many ways you can do so when cultivating your visibility and brand for business growth.

Marketing: Continuation of the marketing topic in looking at best methods to market a business outside of word of mouth, which goes into specific social media strategies, use of video, and pros/cons of your own webinars and presentations vs. putting them on for a third party.

Niching Your Resume Service: Exploration of various niches someone could have, which ones may be the most attractive, how to know if a niche is too small, and how to have the best of both worlds with a generalist approach and a bolt-on niche focus.

We Went Deep into 6-Figure Strategy for Resume Writers & Career Coaches in This Event!

We worked hard to cover significant ground in this session, and due to it’s length we’re providing it to you in video, on-demand audio, and a downloadable MP3 audio file. That way you can make it work for you!

But there’s more!

Please be sure to scroll below the video and the audio links for a section on deep dive supportive resources on the topics above! While I can lay it out for you, the step-by-step lessons will allow you to make it your own!

Access the full video event, listen online, and download the MP3 audio file.

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Tap Into the Member Resources That Equal 6-Figure Strategy for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

Some of the resources below are accessible to non-members such as the video tips (when searched for by name on the website) and some of the COVID resources. 

These are the resources that directly support the topics that were discussed. There may be more, but I’ve really worked to make sure I’ve covered the bases for you!

6-Figure Blueprint for Consulting, Sales, Packaging & Closing >>

This is the EVERYTHING page with the following being specific to what we discussed:

  • THIS IS THE CORE: Done-For-You Consultation Script & Sales Strategy for Resume Writing & Career Services
  • Bust the DIY Resume Writing Myth to Close More & Higher Sales (Video Tip)
  • Is Your Perception Lowering Your Career Business Profits? (Video Tip)
  • What to Do When Your Prospect Needs to Think About It (Video Tip)
  • Packaging Sweet Spot for Resume Writers & Career Coaches (Video Tip)
  • Career Pros: Stop Selling What Your Clients Ask For (Video Tip)
  • Easily Get Your Passive Email List to Buy Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services (Video Tip)
  • How to Share Quotes that Close Resume Writing & Coaching Sales (Video Tip)
  • Use Show & Tell to Up Close Rates on Resume & Career Service Sales (Video Tip)
  • Get Targeted Testimonials to Easily Close Sales & Boost Your Business (Core Lesson)
  • Easily Get Testimonials That Close Sales on Your Website (Video Tip)
  • Does Your Website Have a Sexy Initial Free Offer (IFO)? (Core Lesson)
  • Newsletters are Dead – Do This Instead to Fill Your Pipeline (Video Tip)
  • It’s Process Not Price that Closes Career Service Sales (Video Tip)

Social Marketing: Boost Your Visibility and Client Leads (Audio Master Class) >>

Blogging Strategy: Organize Your Blog to Never Miss a Posting Opportunity + Editorial Calendar >>

Build Authority & Capture New Business Through Blogging (Best Practice Tip) >>

Sales Consultation Perception: Size DOES Matter (Core Lesson) >>

Why You’re Not Closing More Sales and How to Fix It (Core Lesson) >>

Freebie Add-Ons to Increase Sales and Package Value (Best Practice Tip) >>

10 Commandments of Profitable Entrepreneurialism (Core Lesson) >>

Increase Your Business with Professional Referrals (Tip Sheet) >>

Growing Your Business Through Client Referrals (Tip Sheet) >>

Grow Your Resume Writing & Coaching Business by Targeting Your Local Market (Video Tip) >>

Toast of the Resume Industry Award Competition >>

Resume Writers: Win a TORI Award With New Classic Design Resume Categories (Video Tour) >>

COVID-19 Support Resources for Resume Writers and Career Coaches >>

This is the one-stop COVID business resources I referred to a few times in the event, with the following resources: 

  • 14 Ways Resume Writers & Career Coaches Can Thrive Despite Coronavirus (Lesson)
  • Hiring and Recruitment Practices in Times of Crisis Such as COVID-19 (Recruiter Voice)
  • Resume Writers & Career Coaches: Help Job Seekers Find, Know & Trust You (Infographic)
  • Coaching + Strategies in Resiliency, Mindset & Business Positioning During COVID-19 (Webinar -> Video)
  • Business Strategy, Coaching & COVID Support Career Pro Pajama Jam (Webinar -> Video)
  • Job Seekers: How to Avoid Resume Writing & Career Coaching Scams (Infographic)
  • How Resume Writers & Career Coaches Prepare for a Post-COVID-19 Market Boom (Infographic)
  • Four Ways Job Seekers Can Avoid Scams When Hiring A Resume Writer Or Career Coach (Forbes.com Article)

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