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2019 Resume Writing Pricing Survey Findings (Report)

What should you charge for a resume?

What do job seekers think it is worth?

Should you be packaging, and if so, what should you include? 

These were the key issues we tackled in our 2019 international resume pricing survey and corresponding report. 

In this 13-page report you will receive:

  • Rates and ranges for entry-level, mid-level, and executive-level resumes.
  • Data around the average number of consults vs close rates.
  • Percentage of resume sales that are part of packages.
  • Typical package items included with a resume, and their popularity for inclusion.
  • Rates and ranges for mid-level and executive-level packages.
  • Gross annual revenue for those resume writers participating in the survey. (20% earned $100-800K).
  • Commentary, feedback, cheerleading, strategy, and suggested free member resources provided throughout.

Special thanks to CDI Education Committee members for bringing this project to fruition: Rebecca Henninger, Michelle Lopez, and Laura Hartnell. Report and commentary designed by Laura DeCarlo.

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