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2014 President’s Award Winners

tori_prez_2014Each year 1-2 members truly stand out and shine with the contribution they make to CDI as a volunteer. 2013 was a unique year that we did not give out an award, because we simply couldn’t narrow it down to the most deserving few. Thus, in 2014 when they same thing happened, President Laura DeCarlo decided that our small group of volunteers is MIGHTY in all that they do. To recognize a few would be blasphemy when all equally gave during the past year. So, we can jokingly say, “it is no CDI volunteer left behind year” as we recognize all our year-long volunteers with a President’s Award. But, in all truthfulness, these individuals earned their recognition!

2014 President’s Award Winners

We couldn’t have done it without the contributions of: 

Gayle Howard – Top Margin Executive Resumes and Coaching (Director of Certifications)

Robin Schlinger – Robin’s Resumes® (Director of Awards)

Pat Schuler – The Gemini Resources Group (Board)

Audrey Prenzel – Resume Resources, Inc. (Board)

Susan Guarneri – AssessmentGoddess.com (Board)

Patricia Duckers – CareerPro Global, Inc.

Annemarie Cross – Advanced Employment Concepts

Barb Poole – Hire Imaging

Gillian “Jill” Kelly – Career Edge

Erin Kennedy – Professional Resume Services

Darlene Dassy – Dynamic Resume Solutions

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter – CareerTrend

Posey Salem – Radiant Resume Career Services

Damali Curry Edwards – Conscious Recruiting, Inc.

Amy L. Adler – Five Strengths Career Transition Experts

Kim Meninger – Executive Career Success

Jeri Hird Dutcher – Workwrite

David Smith – Career Success Made Easy

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