New Year Action Call + Path to Keep Momentum

Are you ready for power, passion, intention, strategy, ideas, and more revenue? 

Then you MUST make time to listen to this recording!

Today I brought the Fly Higher Tribe model to our 2019 member action call, and it was so power-packed. Members asked their questions and we rocked them with links to CDI member resources, tools, strategies, and the steps needed to attain greater.

I promised three things, which you will find on this page:

  1. Coaching and content in response to the questions asked (see recording below).
  2. Links to CDI resources for the topics discussed for a more in-depth how-to look (again, they are below).
  3. Opportunity to join the Fly Higher Tribe at a discount. (The offer in the call is expired but there is a current discount of 25% off on the order page).

Today’s Topics & Audio Recording

The topics we covered in my coaching today included:

Ways to deal with a prospect that wants to think about your quote and services — getting them into a second call, follow up strategy, making it rain at 6 weeks, referrals, and how to keep your name in front of them until the point they may be ready.

Value of automating regular follow up with clients and prospects to fill your pipeline, and how to get someone on your list who isn’t ready to buy.

Offering and positioning packages — how to first price your a la carte, what clients will buy, who needs a package, resumes as gateway drugs, how to structure your “show-me” consultation to move clients to the package they need, using edu-fearacating in your consult to show the value and the gap from DIY, upselling from packages to 1-1 add-ons, strategy to transition proposals from yes or no to yes or yes, items that might be in your packages, the psychology of offering three packages, where to find freebies to include in your packages to increase the ROI, and what clients are most likely to buy.

How to build your own repository of reference resumes to refer to for future projects with simple MS Word tagging or folder silos.

Easy way to ensure you always have client pre-approval for resume competitions (TORIs) or resume publication opportunities.

Like I said – power-packed!

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