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    Business Success Programs

    for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    Turn your passion into profits.

    You could have a dozen certifications or be 20 years into the resume writing and/or career coaching industry. But, if you don't know how to build a business, sell, market, package, or profit, chances are you are struggling.


    What makes CDI different from any other membership group, training center, industry consultancy, or professional association for resume writers and career coaches is our deep focus on industry start-ups, business building, business turnarounds, and business optimization. We teach established professionals and newbies how to get started and how to stay on top.

    In fact, we are proud to say that our business consulting clients (career and resume professionals) are successfully reaching 7-figure sales. 

    While 7-figures may seem impossible, use it as a benchmark to understand that 6-figure success IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE as a career industry professional. You just need the guidance, strategy, and the time lag of trying to reinvent the wheel when success is already available.

    CDI membership offers many channels to be successful, but there are also a few programs that can catapult you there:

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    Get 1-1 Coaching

    Career Business Profit Rocket Individualized Consulting

    What would it mean to you to see your solopreneur business grossing $20K per week? How would your life chance if you could be on track to retire at 55? What if 18 months from now you'd grown a team and were on track to gross $1M in a year? 

    Heck, what if you just finally got to go to bed when you wanted and take a 2-week vacation while having your highest-grossing month ever? 

    These are all stories that clients of our 1-1 consulting and coaching program are telling (see the testimonials). In fact, most earn their total investment in the program back within just 1-3 sessions! 

    So, why go it alone and recreate the wheel when you can learn the secrets to build, grow, and/or super-charge your career industry business today?

    In this highly individualized consulting and coaching program you will take bold action to create the 6-figure-plus business you want (it's totally OK to start smaller too, although 6-figures is more than possible) by working directly with 6-figure success coach and career and resume industry's master, Laura DeCarlo.

    No cookie-cutter programs or suggestions here -- it's laser-focused to your unique needs, exclusive, and 1-1 to focus on exactly what YOU need to move forward, whether just starting out or ready to take it to the next level.

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    Get Group Coaching

    Join the Career Industry Accelerator Club

    Do you want to grow your business faster, get top business consulting and coaching, and be motivated and supported by your peers while keeping your investment low and your ROI high? 

    The Career Industry Accelerator Club is an add-on membership tier within CDI that lets you build your business and your skills 3X faster with the inside track of:

    • Hot seat coaching on your issues directly from CDI’s 6-figure success coach and audacious entrepreneur architect, Laura DeCarlo, on how to clobber your challenges and exceed your goals.
    • Thought leadership, support, and motivation in a think tank environment from top industry peers. 
    • Networking and fun in our live monthly event and private group. 
    • New monthly coaching question strategy to use with clients. 
    • Key strategies that can help you up your per-client sales, save hours each week, reclaim your life, and meet your big goals without making sacrifices.
    • Deep dive into CDI supporting resources. 

    This club is for anyone whether just starting out or seasoned in entrepreneurship and career services. If you are going to do it, let's do it right from the get-go. Your group coaching will help you get there.

    Resume Business Roadmap Bundle (2 books, an online course, coaching and support)

    Easily Start and Grow a Resume Writing Business

    Resume Business Roadmap™

    Embarking on this roadmap is your key to a whole new and amazing life like it has been for six-figure resume writers around the world. If you’ve dreamed of starting a resume writing business or have one and are struggling with structure for success, then this course is for you.

    In Resume Business Roadmap™ you are guided through each step necessary to plan, start, build, and grow a resume practice. You’ll also thrive with bonus resume writing lessons, Resumes for Dummies, and a private support group just for participants on the roadmap journey.

    Don’t go it alone and instead cement your success by getting on the roadmap.

    Six Figure Flight Plan Course

    Your Easy Pathway to Profit

    Six Figure Flight Plan Course

    Is your career services business set on an easy pathway to profit? Chances are it’s not and you are used to feeling overwhelmed, underpaid, or just caught up in shiny object syndrome with all the options and experts giving away their advice.

    So, what if you had a proven and easy step-by-step system for earning more and working less?

    What if you had a waiting list of ideal clients eager to pay whatever you ask?

    What if you finally had time to focus on the things you only dream about?

    What if you were simply bursting with confidence in the knowledge that you were on a proven pathway to success, without the stress?

    6FFP IS your deep-dive into taking your business to the next level.

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