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    Cyber Week Specials

    Certification, Training, and Awards
    For Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    Learn, grow, and take your business to the next level

    Resume Writing Certification & Training

    Are you ready to build your resume writing expertise and/or demonstrate to the world that you have what it takes to earn a top industry certification or award? CDI truly sets you apart by raising the bar on resume writing with our outstanding training, 1-1 mentoring, and certification programs.

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    Career Coaching Certification & Training

    Are you ready to empower yourself and your clients with the tools of a strategic job search? CDI positions you to be that go-to resource with actionable programs from interview coaching to online job search. You can begin using immediately to educate, coach, and support your clients in the areas they need most.

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    Business Start-Up / Development Courses & 1-1 Consulting

    Would you like to turn your passion into profits? CDI offers a variety of programs from 1-1 business consulting to step-by-step start-up programs and how-to sales kits to get you from zero to sixty in no time. Whether you are just starting your first careers industry business or making your next million, we have the program for you.

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    Awards & Competitions

    What if there was a way to almost instantly position your business for outstanding success and growth? That’s what CDI award competitions such as the coveted Toast of the Resume Industry (TORIs) has been doing for industry professionals for over a decade.

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