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    Gina Christiano

    GC Career Consulting
    United States
    Phone: 312-912-1490

    Resume Writing & Document Development Certifications:
    Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Certified Resume Analyst
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Any

    Hello there! My name is Gina, and I'm thrilled to share a little bit about myself with you. As an outdoor loving individual, I find solace in the beauty of nature. From hiking trails to camping trips, I love to explore and immerse myself in the great outdoors.

    When I'm not soaking up the fresh air and natural surroundings, you can usually find me curled up with a good book, lost in a captivating story. There's nothing quite like getting swept up in a world of imagination and experiencing the emotions that come with it.

    As a dedicated Career Strategist and Resume Writer, I have spent over 20 years helping individuals like you navigate the challenges of finding fulfillment in their professional lives. I understand how a lack of inspiration and clarity can leave people feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled, and I'm passionate about using my expertise to help you achieve your career goals.

    Whether you're starting out on your career path or looking to make a change, I'm here to help you revamp your resume and develop an action plan that showcases your transferable skills and experiences. Together, we'll create a plan that empowers you to achieve your professional goals and unlock your full potential.  Contact me to schedule your discovery session and let’s get started!

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