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    Anne Hull

    Laurel, Maryland 20708
    United States
    Phone: (301) 317-4048

    Career Services/Coaching Certifications:
    Certified Professional - Online Job Search & Reputation Mgmt.
    Services/Products: Career Management, Organizational Development, Outplacement Professional, Trainer/Instructor
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Career Change, Professional, Return to Work

    I am a Career Strategist, Facilitator and Speaker with over 20 years of successful experience and professional expertise in Career Management, Change Management, Leadership and Talent Development. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, federal and local government agencies, and non-profit organizations. I provide skill-based workshops to  manage your career within your current organization, or making transition to your next role. Co-author of "Winning Strategies for Mature Job Seeker" an on-line course for career professionals at www.CareerPlanningAcademy.com

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