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    Jane Roqueplot

    JaneCo's Sensible Solutions
    3493 Sharon Road
    West Middlesex, Pennsylvania 16159
    United States
    Phone: (724) 528-1000

    Career Services/Coaching Certifications:
    Certified Electronic Career Coach
    CDI Position: Judge - TORI Resume Writing Awards
    Services/Products: Career Assessment & Testing, Career Coach, Career Management, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Trainer/Instructor
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Any

    Jane Roqueplot, is President and CEO of JaneCo’s Sensible Solutions, West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, which she started in 1995. Her 20+ year career has included sales training, motivational speaking, career coaching and career development. She earned certification as a Behavioral Consultant in 1987 and began specializing in how behavioral styles relate to professional life. She applied this experience in her responsibilities as Program Director at a national consulting firm specializing in Career Development prior to establishing her own consulting business.


    In addition to her certification as a Behavioral Consultant, Jane has also obtained her designations as a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst(CPBA), Certified Workforce Development Professional(CWDP) and Certified Electronic Career Coach(CECC)






    Since opening her business in 1995, Jane can usually be found in her office or conference room. Whether she is conducting a private session or a group seminar, her mission is to help individuals make appropriate career choices and achieve greater personal success. Special employer group sessions focus on helping develop a more productive workforce using many of the same ideas. It makes no difference if a client's goal is an improved work environment, a rewarding personal career, an appropriate class schedule or a better style of communication, JaneCo will help plan for success. "Quite simply, what I do is help people better understand themselves and identify their strengths," says Roqueplot. "The truth is, whether you are planning a career, nurturing a family, fostering relationships or building an organization, success largely depends on your ability to capitalize on your strengths and interact effectively with those around you."


    Jane, with more than 20 years of experience in providing motivation and encouragement, teaches clients how to be more "people-sensitive". She detects the unique strengths of an individual by administering Personal Behavioral Profiles and Career Evaluations.


    She and her staff at JaneCo have served thousands of state-funded and private clients, including high-level professionals. JaneCo employs five in-house full time staff members and three contract writers.

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