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    Dr. G. Jay Christensen

    CA State University, Northridge
    8912 Nestle Avenue
    Northridge, California 91325-2730
    United States
    Phone: (818) 886-4045

    Resume Writing & Document Development Certifications:
    Certified Federal Resume Writer
    Career Services/Coaching Certifications:
    Certified Electronic Career Coach
    Services/Products: Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Trainer/Instructor
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Any

    Member, Research Committee

    Dr. Jay (Ed.D.) taught 38 years at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and completed 45 years in the teaching profession. During his time at Northridge, he taught Analysis of Communications for Business, University 100 for First-Year Students, Administrative Office Management, Office Systems Analysis, Word Processing Management (which he created), and Seminar in Forms Management (15-week Extended Education). Dr. Christensen also served on the University Faculty Senate and the University Library Committee as well as numerous college and department committees at CSUN. He is the co-author of _On-the-Job Communication for Business, Government, Industry, and the Professions_ published by Simon and Schuster Custom Publishing.

    Jay participated in research efforts about background music for accounting skills and lab assignments as well as Visual Display Terminal Health Hazards and their effects on word processing. Dr. Jay also prepared two surveys for the Business Forms Management Association (BFMA) and a major survey for the Association of Information Systems Professionals (AISP). Dr. Christensen received the lifetime achievement award from BFMA in 2005. In addition to his two certifications from CDI, Jay finished four of the five requirements for Certified Administrative Manager (CAM/AMS).

    Dr. Christensen has given numerous presentations for the Association for Business Communication (ABC)at local, regional, and national conventions. He has also spoken at PRWRA (forerunner of CDI)Atlanta National Convention on the topic, Electronic Resumes. Dr. Jay has written for numerous business education publications and created the HireViews (PRWRA) monthly column for educators. He continues his interest in educating business people by completing recent consulting that involved a four-hour seminar on listening, business communication principles, e-mail/memos, report writing, and effective presentations for a mortgage brokerage company in Los Angeles.

    Jay continues his work for the last three years on the Research Committee of CDI, "Resume and Application Fraud (including Diploma mills)."

    At this time Dr. Jay has joined Plato Society of UCLA and given presentations for Study/Discussion Group (S/DG) on such diverse topics as "Persona of Franklin Roosevelt," "Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates: American Tycoons," "Momentous Year: 1940 for Winston Churchill," "Insider Trading," "Andrew Jackson: Woman Who Also Brought Him Down and Cherokee Troubles," and "Bow, Arrow, Sword, and Chariot: War and Technology." He serves on the Computer and Coordinators Committees for the same society. Dr. Christensen has also chaired and coordinated his first S/DG on "War, Technology, and the Course of History."

    Jay is married (wife: Joanne) with two sons, Bruce and John. He spends his spare time playing German family boardgames and attending book signings. Jay also judges three boardgame Talisman tournaments a year for the local conventions, sponsored by Strategicon.

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