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    Live Events for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

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    It’s time to join us for one of our 2024 high-ranking CDI member events for resume writers and career coaches who want to network, plan, grow, learn, get inspired, and have fun.

    Even if you have been a member of CDI for years, we hope you will consider attending ALL of these live member events. They aren’t your same-old dull tours or generic engagement sessions. You won’t be lectured at, bored to tears, or disconnected!

    Plus, we’re using this as our main page to list ALL upcoming live CDI webinars whether networking, business-building, or skill-based.

    Click a link below to be taken to the event details. You must be logged in to see registration buttons.

    With attendee approval ratings from 9.42/10 to 10/10, we know you’re going to gain high ROI by participating in these member events!

    We’re taking it up a notch to make sure you:

    • Learn new tools and strategies to apply in your work.
    • Feel good with increased energy and ideas.
    • Get the most out of your CDI membership.
    • Make meaningful connections with your colleagues.
    • Increase your personal and professional success while having fun with your business and skill-building.

    Events are all virtual and held on Zoom unless otherwise stated in descriptions. They are also all included with CDI membership.

    These events are interactive and advanced registration is required for planning purposes! Please take a moment to scroll down to register now and plan to block your calendar to join us live!

    Looking for on demand replays of prior member events? Get them here >>

    Position Job Seekers to “Seal the Deal” with 30-60-90 Day Plans

    with expert guest: Grant Cooper of Strategic Resumes®, Career Coaching & Business Plans

    Your client aced the first interview but that doesn’t mean they’ve landed the job.

    With each progressing interview the competition increases while your client puts more skin in the game and desires to come out on top.

    But what if there was a way for your clients to cut through the competition and stand alone, that also represents a new revenue stream for you?

    That’s where a 30-60-90 Day Plan comes in!

    Grant Cooper has been successfully positioning senior-level and executive clients to “seal the deal” with the value-add of a customized, focused plan which identifies specific actions the candidate will take within the first 90 days of accepting their new position.

    Plus, you may have noticed this topic has shown up in the CDI community a few times already this year – companies actually requesting this of a top candidate.

    What’s best is it’s not so much what’s in it but the fact that your client, through your help and guidance, took the time to thoughtfully prepare and present a strategic tool that the other candidates lack.

    Join CDI veteran presenter, Grant Cooper, as he explores the candidate 30-60-90 Day Plan and what it includes, and provides examples and suggested pricing information. (Hint, it’s recommended as a 4-figure add-on).

    About Grant: 

    Grant Cooper

    Grant Cooper is president of Strategic Resumes®, Career Coaching & Business Plans, founded in 1994. He is a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Career Coach & LinkedIn Profile Writer. Martin Yate, author of #1 bestselling “Knock ’Em Dead” resume book series, stated: “In 25 years, Grant Cooper is one of less than 60 people I have quoted in my entire body of work.” Grant was also honored by Laura DeCarlo with the 2015 CDI President’s Award.

    He has authored 250+ columns and articles and has been selected as a seminar presenter at national conferences. He authored a groundbreaking software program, Resume Critique Writer, used by universities, military career offices, recruiters, and resume firms worldwide. For more than a decade, Mr. Cooper has been a judge for CDI’s national TORI resume competitions. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University. Grant’s clients land competitive positions at Fortune 500 firms and attract to offers.

    To learn more about Grant, you can find him at Strategic Resumes®, Career Coaching & Business Plans.

    Date & Time: Thursday, 7/25/2024 – 2 PM to 3:30 PM Eastern

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: Yes

    Unlock Your Book’s Potential: Expert Marketing Strategies for Authors

    with expert guest Dr. Jeannine Bennet of Vision to Purpose

    Join Dr. Jeannine Bennett as she unveils potent marketing tactics to elevate your book. Whether you’re an established author or just starting out, discover tailored strategies to maximize visibility and captivate your audience. Ignite your inspiration and seize the chance to unlock your book’s boundless potential. Plus, attendees will leave with actionable strategies they can immediately implement to boost their book’s success. Don’t miss out!

    About Jeannine: 

    Dr. Jeannine Bennett

    Dr. Jeannine Bennett is an entrepreneur, author, and professor who is deeply committed to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. As the driving force behind Vision to Purpose, she has assembled a team of experts dedicated to delivering tailored career, business, and writing solutions to clients worldwide.

    With over 30 years of combined experience in business, government, and academia, Dr. Bennett has guided thousands of individuals toward their goals, both personally and professionally.

    As an avid supporter of her peers’ success, she is always eager to share best practices, provide practical tips, and demonstrate effective methods to help fellow professionals deliver maximum impact with minimal effort.

    To learn more about what she offers, you can find her at Vision to Purpose.

    Date & Time: Thursday, 8/29/2024 – 1-2:30 PM Eastern

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: Yes – Link Coming Soon, button is NOT enabled

    LinkedIn Recruiter as a Tool for LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    with Julia Kaukinen of Kaukinen Cosulting

    Who said that LinkedIn Recruiter is just for recruitment?

    Actually, you can use LinkedIn Recruiter as a sales tool and as a tool for client benchmarking, and of course, LinkedIn profile optimization.

    Join us in this session to learn how to utilize this tool in your business!

    About Julia: 

    Julia Kaukinen is a well-known executive career consultant and job search coach in Finland, She is the founder of Kaukinen Consulting, a career consulting agency for particularly for mid-to-top level executives that specializes in helping leaders commercialize their skills and find jobs on their own terms. From being a foreigner in Finland, Julia was Finland’s first official CV writer and a certified LinkedIn profile writer. She combined personal branding, marketing and solution selling practices into effective career services. Now, she is known for results and is an influencer in the Executive Job Market.

    To learn more about Julia, you can find her at Kaukinen Consulting.

    Date & Time: Thursday, 9/19/2024 – 11 AM to 12:45 PM Eastern

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: Yes

    Leveraging the ROI of LinkedIn Business Pages Today & Tomorrow (NEW DATE)

    with Laura DeCarlo, CDI President

    When it comes to building your brand on LinkedIn as a solopreneur or small business, it can be confusing trying to decide what should go on your personal profile and what should go on your business page.

    And really, if everyone is communicating from their personal profile, why should you even bother with the added time and energy required to cultivate a business page?

    In this session Laura will be sharing why you don’t want to ignore your business page and what you can do with it to help build your visibility and your ROI for today and tomorrow.

    Date & Time: Thursday, 10/24/2024 – 2-3:30 PM Eastern

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: Yes

    Speed Networking Give & Receive Event

    Your favorite member event is back for 2024!

    Every individual in our collective membership comes here with some type of superpower or powers.

    You’re career heroes, but you might have skill and expertise about one particular industry, or you’ve made it your mission to be the best at something. You might even take it for granted but you have colleagues right now who are clamoring for that knowledge or connection.

    Further, we’ve found that the CDI members who are taking the time to engage and participate are reporting that they’re more motivated through their connections and it’s leading to partnerships and referrals for them. (Hot ticket to business growth right now).

    We get further faster when we support each other. We thrive in a supportive community. We don’t miss opportunities when we are together and not working in isolation.

    Here’s what this fast-paced event contains:

    • Guided activity to produce your most strategic introduction for the speed networking round.
    • Guided activity to identify one specific thing you would most like to receive from your colleagues for the request round.
    • Guided activity to identify one specific thing you can offer to your colleagues for the share round.
    • Access to the chat transcript for easily connecting and following up with other participants.
    • And of course our almost trademarked silliness, laughter, fun, and camaraderie.

    To be clear, this is not a barter situation. This is an opportunity for participants to:

    • Identify new support systems.
    • Gain help and accountability.
    • Build partnerships, referral sources, and friendships.

    Members who made time for this event last November received tremendous ROI!

    Attendees rated the last event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 10/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • 100% strongly agreed or agreed in the survey that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

    Attendees described the last event as: 

    Fun, Helpful, Super Supportive, Inspiring, Motivating, Insightful, Collaborative, Innovative, Interesting, Resourceful, Smart, Targeted, Fruitful, Opportunities/Possibilities Uncovered, Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyable!

    Attendees liked most about the last event: 

    • What a great event! I wasn’t sure what to share/ask for, but you walked us through that beautifully! Thank you!
    • I have participated in other similar Zoom sessions… & Laura is simply better at leading & facilitating.
    • One of the best CDI events I’ve attended. Thank you, Laura. And thank you for being a great facilitator and efficient. Truly appreciate.
    • Great work. I stepped into this last minute and I’m glad I did. It’s amazing how quickly you can form a relationship with real impact.
    • Super helpful and great networking opportunity.
    • Connecting! Collaborating!
    • I now have amazing resources to grow grow grow!!!!
    • Networking and people sharing knowledge and tips.
    • Good brevity emphasis to avoid long-winded responses
    • Meeting some new people, gaining some new ideas for collaborations and business possibilities / opportunities, comradery.
    • Connecting! I made at least 5 contacts and already have 2 appts for mind melds.

    Date & Time: Thursday, 11/14/2024 – 12 PM to 2 PM Eastern

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: Yes

    Member Networking Lunch

    10 Reasons to Attend CDI Virtual Member Networking Lunches

    How much networking can you accomplish in 90 minutes on Zoom? You’ll be delighted and surprised! Our first-ever member networking lunch was just 75 minutes but a resounding success in its ability to do what we promised:

    • Provide time to connect, reflect, and aspire.
    • Foster small, safe interactions where you learn to ask better success questions for client engagements by growing through answering them yourself.
    • Meet fellow members to create new friendships and connections.
    • Chance to have fun, lower stress, slow down, nourish your soul, strengthen your coach muscle (even if only for your own self-growth), build new relationships, create accountability, and achieve greater success overall.

    Read 10 ways to get ROI from participating >>

    While it might not be lunch where you are located, it’s still the right time to connect, reflect, and aspire when you join us for our next virtual member networking lunch!

    Attendees rated the last event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 9.42/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • Survey respondents agreed that 9.57/10 they would recommend the event to members.
    • 100% of survey attendees (85% strongly agreed and 15% agreed) that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

    Attendees described the last event as:


    Date & Time: TBA

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    Recorded: No, due to 1-1 networking interaction

    Member Orientation – Your 90 Day Plan (Not Just for Newbies)

    Member Orientation: Your 90 Day Plan - Not Just for Newbies

    There’s a treasure trove of resources in CDI for skill development, business growth, publicity, partnerships, referrals, friendships, and fun!

    In this interactive 90 minute session, CDI President Laura DeCarlo will guide you through the resources and opportunities available to you as a CDI member so you can rapidly and easily put your hands on the tools to accelerate your success.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to set goals for the next 30-90 days and make a deep connection with at least one fellow colleague.

    Even if you ARE familiar with the new dashboard layout there are guaranteed ah-ha moments to be had to maximize your membership and your network.

    During this event you will:

    • Learn how to stand out to job seekers with your CDI membership.
    • Target the tools, tutorials, lessons, and scripts that matter most to you in our extensive member resources center.
    • Get strategies to help you best leverage your membership investment.

    Next Date & Time: TBA

    The last event was a real hit so you won’t want to miss this!

    Attendees have rated this event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 10/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • Survey respondents agreed that they would 100% recommend the event to members. 
    • Survey respondents agreed that they 100% learned new ways to utilize my CDI membership.
    • 75% strongly agreed and 25% agreed in the survey that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

    Attendees have described this event as: 

    Fee: Free to members

    On Demand Version: Can’t wait? Optional On Demand version is available

    Acceleration & Accountability Live

    CDI Acceleration & Accountability Live Event

    We let you get a toe-hold into January before rolling this out, but it’s absolutely time for acceleration and accountability!

    In this interactive 90-minute session you will participate in an event where you’ll celebrate wins, identify goals, and establish clear action steps to move forward across the next 30 days. You’ll also connect with your colleagues and leave with a sense of purpose, motivation, accountability, and goal alignment.

    EVERYONE benefits from setting goals and taking steps to meet them. This is for all members, not just business owners.

    Attendees rated the last event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 10/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • 100% agreed in the survey that they effectively came up with goals for the next 30 days.
    • 100% strongly agreed in the survey that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.
    • 100% agreed in the survey that they would be very interested in attending another Accelerator and Accountability session.

    Attendees described the last event as: 

    Business Acceleration Event - 1-2023 -WordCloud

    Next Date & Time: TBA

    Price: Free to members; must be logged to see registration link

    On Demand Version: Can’t wait? Optional On Demand version is available

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