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Do you want to write professional resumes and CVs that are distinctive, dynamite and hard-hitting and will give your customers the confidence to look forward to job interviews?

Are you ready to earn a top industry credential with CDI’s Certified Advanced Resume Writer?

Resume Mastery E-Course + Certified Advanced Resume Writer Credentialing for Professional Resume Writers
Presented by Gayle Howard

Gayle HowardHi, I’m Gayle Howard, an award-winning and in-demand professional resume writer and author of this training course.

I have 22 years at the top of the profession, have won 27 TORI awards, written more than 13,000 resumes and have been published in 22 resume writing books internationally.

Are you serious about getting real, actionable results?

Don’t leave your clients’ future (or your own) in the hands of self promoting amateurs; you owe it to yourself to get tried and proven insider knowledge that will catapult you into the ranks of the top professionals.

If you want the quickest way to improve your writing, sign up now. Look at the following list and see what you’ll achieve by being coached by one of the world’s leading resume writers.

What You’ll Learn Will Target You For Success

  • Understand your clients’ needs, help them articulate their goals and all they have to offer, then produce a brilliant customized resume
  • Effectively market your clients to potential employers and position them as highly qualified interview candidates. You will underscore their strengths and qualifications while minimizing, or eliminating their weaknesses
  • Write a resume that will pass three major reviews:
    • First – the 5-second scan – keep or dump? … 95% are dumped.
    • Second – the 1-minute peruse – meet requirements?… further 3% dumped.
    • Third – a 3-minute read – worth an interview?… fewer than 1% make the grade
  • Guarantee that the interviewer can understand your clients’ most important skills and highlight reasons for hiring them within ten seconds
  • Significantly improve the words, organization, and design to highlight strengths and create an unforgettable first impression
  • Construct front-loaded achievement bullets, so that hiring managers have a blinding first impression
  • Gain insight into forensic questioning to use with any client to ensure you get the information you need to sell their skills effectively.

Review the course content and commonly asked questions.

You Can Do This!

You will be learning the tricks of the trade from one of the most respected resume writers. You will gain the information and knowledge that will enable you to blast ahead of your competition, command greater fees, and increase your client referrals. Is a TORI award in your future? Why not?

CARW SealPlus You Can Become Certified

Resume writing students passing this resume writing course with a Gold Pass will immediately achieve the Certified Advanced Resume Writer credential.

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This is not a push button, done for you template or fill-in-the-blanks course. If you are not prepared to do the work and stir up the grey matter, then go no further.

Now, if you’re still reading this, then congratulations, you have the commitment it takes and you can be on the road to taking control of your career, your fees, your success and your clients’ satisfaction.

You Get Convenient and Expert Support

You are able to set aside your own time for learning and at your own pace. No hurrying to play catch-up or missing important points because you are writing notes.

Do it on the weekends, at night, or when the kids are at school. You do it when you feel the time is right and you are ready to learn for a more prosperous life.

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You’ll Have a Mentor to Review and Support You All the Way

You will have your new knowledge tested, validated and assessed because you need to know that you’ve understood and can apply your new skills properly.

Gayle Howard, Certified Master Resume Writer with more than 22 years of resume writing experience will be your support mechanism, mentor and cheerleader throughout your training.

Through screencasts and electronic communications, Gayle will be right there, helping and supporting you to learn. When and where you need it and without the complications of waiting for teleseminars or being directed to canned responses.

Don’t Delay Starting on the Road to Success

Get on the fast track to certification now and start learning what the top professionals know while nurturing your talents, boosting your confidence and securing your place among the industry leaders.

Sign up below to begin learning the insider secrets and wisdom from a guru with 22 years at the top of the profession.

PS…to ensure you get personalized, quality coaching, we limit the number of clients we coach at any one time. Once the limit is reached, new clients are placed on a waiting list until we have space available. We will notate here if there is a current waiting list.

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CARW Renewal Requirements

The CARW Certification must be renewed every two (2) years by earning 30 industry-related continuing education units (CEUs). This can be completed through a variety of activities such as: employment-related book reviews, career-related community service, completing related coursework or study, publishing resumes, and/or authoring articles, blog posts, and related materials on resume writing.

The renewal fee is $50.00. Download the Renewal Form.

Why is renewal necessary? Because the craft of resume writing is dynamic and is swiftly changing with the advances in computer technology and applicant tracking / scanning as well as emerging legal issues involving resume fraud. These are just a few concerns that make it necessary for professionals to demonstrate ongoing education and knowledge of modern resume writing techniques.

Renew now!

CARW Revocation Policy

All requirements of CARW certification, renewal, and CDI membership standards must be maintained in order to retain a CDI credential. CDI reserves the right to revoke a CARW credential for any of the following: Renewal requirements are not maintained and completed within required timelines. Membership lapses due to non-renewal. Individual is found guilty in a court of law for a grievance within the industry (unprofessional, unethical, unlawful conduct and/or business practices).