Why Join CDI

Ask yourself:

      • Do you wish you could... Do you wish you could... Make enough money without working 24/7?
      • Have you thought lately... Have you thought lately... "Gee I wish I had more time to spend with my kids?"
      • Are you frustrated by... Are you frustrated by... Never knowing where your next client is going to come from?
      • Would you like to... Would you like to... Go after that money-making project you keep putting off?
      • Are you ready to... Are you ready to... Upgrade your skills with certifications and training?
      • Are you tired of... Are you tired of... Friends and family seeing your business as a hobby?
      • Do you dream of... Do you dream of... Finally having consistent revenue without the worry?
      • Are you ready to... Are you ready to... Build a successful career business without stress?


If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, then CDI is your ticket to a new life!

Career Directors International (CDI) is the ultimate networking and professional development resource and community for resume writers, career coaches, and career service professionals.

We help courageous resume writers and career coaches who are tired of staying and playing small, and who are ready to move easily from struggling and stressed, to six-figures-plus in their businesses.

Benefits Box ADesigned by industry leaders committed to championing your success, CDI provides you with proven pathways to accelerate your skills, launch your career, and rapidly build or expand a rewarding six-figure+ business.

We know because we’ve been there, survived, and thrived! 


In 2004 when CDI President Laura DeCarlo turned PRWRA into the CDI we know today, she had already reached the pinnacle of which many career and resume professionals dream:

        • A six-figure income with a part-time schedule;
        • Working from home with low overhead;
        • Setting her own hours;
        • Picking and choosing her ideal clients; 
        • Enjoying making money while she slept and played.  

But it wasn’t easy going it alone. Unlike those who join CDI today, Laura had to piece it together from mentors, discussion lists, business books, and college courses. It took tons of trial and error, frustration, backward steps, over-working, and financial hills and valleys in those first few years until she set upon real and repeatable processes that worked effortlessly over and over again.

Founding CDI, Laura held the vision of the Career Superhero who saves the day. She recognized that resume writers and career coaches could have the tools to be just as successful as the job seekers whom they served. For a decade now she has brought together the industry’s leading super-powers and those seeking to take flight or fly higher.

Laura’s vision IS reality for CDI members who leverage the trememdous power of CDI’s resources, tools, and programs.

Benefits Box B

This is your opportunity to avoid becoming a statistic as yet another failed small business and seize a different future for yourself…all for far less than a dollar a day.

Join CDI Today and Save $80 (regularly $347 for 1-pay)

Is CDI for You?

We’ve explained to you the success that is waiting for you. But why do you need us? Do any of these sound like you?

Benefits Infographic

When you join CDI’s unique and powerful community you gain proven solutions to any and all of the above problems that might be plaguing you.

So, in short, if you are ready to put the sick, tired, confused, overwhelmed, and overworked models behind you, then CDI is for you. Our successful members are:

Start-Up Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘take flight’. Regardless of your industry specialty(s) you want a successful, profitable, and fun business without all the detrimental pitfalls of trying to figure it out alone.

Established Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘fly higher’. You’re ready to figure out how to take your business to the next level, free up your time, increase your income, and/or finally write that book or create that product.

Top-Level Entrepreneurs – You want to ‘break the sound barrier’. You’re wildly successful but you know there is more out there waiting for you.

Resume Writers and Other Writers – If it’s resume writing you do, then you want to be the best and be recognized by your prospects as one of the best. Whether you need to learn your craft, elevate your skills, solve a resume project problem, command your niche, or earn a certification, CDI is the industry leader for you.

Career Coaches and Other Career Professionals – You crave actionable and saleable knowledge that your clients will understand and that you can take to the bank for a win-win. CDI prides itself on its industry research reports, best practice standards, and world-class certifications.

Recruiters and HR Professionals – You recognize that partnering with other career industry leaders sets you apart in screening and finding hires, receiving resumes you want to read, and staying up-to-date on trends.

Authors – You’ve made it your mission to be seen as an authority on your career industry topics as you catapult your way to authorship stardom. You demand cutting-edge content, new trends, and access to the industry’s top masterminds.

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Join CDI Today and Save $80 (regularly $347 for 1-pay)


Benefits of CDI

CDI members gain access to a host of industry-exclusive resources, tools, and opportunities that are fine-tuned to accelerate your success:

Master Classes (Webinars and Teleseminars) on resume writing, business development, marketing, business management, job search, online ID, interviewing, and much more (more info). Free
Best Practice Tip Sheets ready to download with step-by-step advice to leap-frogging past your biggest challenges whether in business, resume writing, or career services (more info). Free
Industry-Leading Certifications and Training in the hottest trending areas of resume writing and career services. Fee
Learning on Demand with instant access to over 60 hours of online/MP3 expert webinars and teleseminars (view list). Free
Exclusive Reports and insider secrets on industry business, resume writing, online identity, and key areas that lead to your success (view sample report). Free
Award Competitions which exclusively position your business as a leader and create a business magnet for new clients (learn more). Fee
Access to Subcontracting Opportunities and Industry Masterminds with interactive forums and specialty groups for networking, problem-solving, referral opportunities, and growth. Free
Enhanced Visibility to Job Seekers via multi-point searchable database, blog authorship, marketing and publishing opportunities, and CDI Press releases. Free
Hottest Trends, Tools, Tips, and Opportunities delivered to your email with monthly Core Classes and Great Industry Resources. Free
High Octane Learning and Networking with CDI’s Entrepreneurial Success Secrets for resume and career pros (learn more). Fee
Suite of Resources at your fingertips, from contracts and agreements to marketing plans, PowerPoint presentations, and resume and profile tools. Free
Exclusive Discounts on High-Powered, Laser-Focused Consulting to dramatically improve your resume writing or move your business forward (learn more). Fee
Exciting Opportunities to Contribute and Network with a variety of fun, educational, and engaging volunteer roles that put your name on amazing member resources. Free
Member’s Logo and e-Certificate to proudly display your affiliation with CDI and show your prospects you are on the cutting edge. Free

Benefits Box3

Join CDI Today and Save $80 (regularly $347 for 1-pay)

Still not convinced CDI is your golden ticket to career industry success?

Take a sneak peek into fouFree_gift_imager previous member benefits. These are just a sampling of what CDI members receive week after week from their memberships.

Access these gifts now:

Gift #1: Creating an Employment Reference Page Best Practices Tip Sheet

Gift #2: Great Industry Resources to Grow Monthly List

Gift #3: Done-for-You Resume Critique and Quote (Core Lesson)

Gift #4: How to Publish Your Book or E-Book (Audio Master Class)

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Join CDI Today and Save $80 (regularly $347 for 1-pay)