Terms and Conditions

By accessing this website and/or the products, services, programs, tools, membership or information herein, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Use of Personal Information

I understand that CDI collects only the information necessary to establish membership with the organization, and that CDI does not distribute information to outside mailing lists or organizations. Only the information necessary to promote my service and provide a means for a potential customer to contact me will be made available on the CDI site.

I understand that I may request certain contact information be withheld from my public profile, and that CDI will be glad to comply or instruct me in how to personally edit my displayed information.

Advertisers, Affiliates, Partners, and Career Service/Resume Providers

I understand that CDI provides links on their website to other companies and organizations, including through their Find a Career Professional database and submission tools. I do not hold CDI responsible for the content of these other sites or any promises, guarantees, statements or other issues pertaining to business practices and services they offer. I accept that these organizations are not held or bound by CDI policies. I will refer to each individual site to procure this information.

Ethics and Standards of Participation in CDI (Membership, Blog, Forum, etc.)

CDI was founded in the year 2000 and has been growing ever since as a company which hosts a community of like-minded industry professionals who want to be better at what they do, from providing career and resume services to growing their businesses. I accept that as a member I am expected to be friendly, open, and ethical, and should emulate CDI leadership in maintaining high professional standards and lifelong learning. Further, I recognize that this behavior extends to my relationship with CDI. I pledge to treat the organization and its resources with respect, and to refrain from disparaging CDI or its leadership in any way.

I understand that CDI has a zero tolerance policy for slander, abuse, or flaming on any member discussion board or forum, public blog, or other group. I accept that this behavior on my behalf can result in the revocation of my membership.

Read full elist, forum, and blog rules and guidelines>>

Please see below for additional  Ethics and Standards of Participation in CDI for Affiliate Advertising Members Only.

Purchase Policies

By making this purchase I agree that I have read over any rules and guidelines detailed on the webpage of the item or service being purchased.

I understand that CDI holds a firm no refund policy after registration for a product, service, program, award competition, or membership. Failure to use or complete use of the purchase is at my discretion and I will not hold CDI accountable.

I understand that membership is a prerequisite for any course, certification, or award competition purchase. If my membership should lapse and I choose not to renew, I understand that I will not be able to complete my course, remain entered in the competition, or earn my certification with CDI unless membership is reinstated. I further understand that all course registrations are good for one year, unless my membership should expire before that time and I choose not to renew.

I understand that I am bound by the renewal requirements listed in the website descriptions of any course I might purchase. If I do not meet these renewal requirements, I understand that I will be required to stop using the credential and cease using the logo or name. Further, I understand that if my membership lapses while a credential is still current, CDI reserves the right to remove me from the site listing of individuals having earned said credential.

Annual Conference (Summit) Refund Policy

I understand that in the case of cancellation, payment plan fee will not be refunded.

I accept that if I do cancel all discounted memberships and membership renewals purchased in conjunction with conference registration will revert to full price upon the cancellation of registration.

I understand that conference cancellations received before June 1st of the event year will be refunded minus a $75.00 cancellation fee. That those received between June 2nd and August 31st of the event year will receive a 50% refund. (For 50% refunds, in the case of payment plans, it is based on the total cost of registration, not on refunding 50% of the funds that have been paid to-date). I also understand that no refunds will be issued for no shows or cancellations after September 1st of the event year.

In the event that I sell or give away my registration to a third party in lieu of cancellation, I understand that an additional $75 administrative fee will be incurred.

I understand that there are no exceptions made to these policies.

General Refund Policy

I understand that CDI does not issue refunds for membership, certification, courses, or products. Special policies apply to pre-registration for annual conferences (see above).

With CDI I understand that I will have access to thousands of dollars worth of resources, tools, and benefits. I accept that once I am granted access to this wealth of material, refunds will not be issued regardless of how much time is left in my membership, product, program, or service.

I acknowledge that should I decide for whatever reason that membership is no longer desired I will contact CDI at info@careerdirectors.com to discontinue my access.

Right to Refuse Service

I understand that CDI reserves the right to refuse services such as membership or advertising with companies or individuals.  I accept that no reason must be provided upon refusal.

Additional Ethics and Standards of Participation in CDI for Affiliate Advertising Members Only

I understand in purchasing an affiliate membership in CDI that I am pending approval. I will be able to access all regular member benefits during the short period of evaluation. Should I not be approved as an affiliate I will receive a full refund unless I opt for a price adjustment and partial refund to maintain regular membership at its current price.

I understand that CDI defines affiliate members as manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers of products and services relating directly to career service providers (resume writers and career coaches), small business career industry entrepreneurs, and/or job seekers, domestically and/or internationally. CDI reserves the right to deny any company.

I understand that once approved as an affiliate member my goals and behavior must be consistent in adhering to all of CDI’s standards as listed in this full agreement.

I understand that my membership will last for 12 months from date of approval of my affiliate membership. I promise to respond in a timely manner (no more than 3 days) to any clarifying questions CDI may have on the nature of my products and services during this evaluation process.

I understand that direct selling during CDI functions or through CDI chat, member e-list groups, blogs, forums, and WIKIs is prohibited.

I understand that affiliate members are granted advertising and promotional opportunities with CDI.I accept that no advertising or promotions performed by CDI on the behalf of myself as an affiliate member constitutes an endorsement by CDI for myself or my products/services. Further, I recognize that such advertising with CDI does not constitute any kind of a guarantee or promise from CDI that business will be gained as a result of said membership. I accept that CDI takes no responsibility for the outcome of affiliate member advertising and marketing.

I further understand that affiliate membership does not imply any exclusivity of service to CDI members. Similar or same products or services from other companies or individuals may or may not be included as affiliate members in CDI’s service provider B2B program in the future. There is no implied or stated non-compete agreement or understanding that is included with affiliate membership.

I understand that I am responsible for creating my own text-based ads and writing my own content for my affiliate web page listing. I agree that CDI is not responsible for any errors or inconsistencies received in original content and web links from me and that CDI will publish all content as provided unless it is inappropriate or profane.

I understand that I am responsible for providing a high-quality JPEG, GIF, or PNG image logo or product image. That rectangular images should be 200 x 100 pixels and square images should be 200×200 pixels. I agree that CDI will publish what is provided and is not responsible for images that are provided by me that may be of a lower quality or size that does not reproduce clearly.

I understand that if I do not renew within 30 days of membership expiration that my affiliate ad page will be removed from CDI’s website and any priority placement I had will be lost for future membership.

I recognize that affiliate membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable except when affiliate membership is denied by CDI. My failure to actively turn in content for ads and website listing will not result in a refund or extension.


CDI’s Advisory Board is staffed by volunteers and will not be held liable in any legal actions or claims made against the organization.