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    Behavioral Profiling with DISC Assessments

    Helping Others DISCover Their Potential

    Benefits to You:

    Become an Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant for the revenue-producing opportunity to provide online assessment and reports to your clients. Understanding and adapting a client’s behavior will assist your clients in improving their interpersonal skills AND their interviewing performance, while streamlining your information gathering process and providing your client with the added value of a full report that can be used for further professional development. You will have access to all the materials, trainings, and support materials necessary to help you reach your goals.

    This Tool is Valuable for the:

    • Résumé Writer, by giving insight into a client’s style, enabling you to “write from the perspective of the client” in both the résumé and cover letter. It will also give you more key words and descriptive phrases about the individual’s interpersonal strengths with validation.
    • Career Coach, by giving insight into a person’s behavioral style which could impact his or her chosen career path.
    • Interview Coach, by identifying how best to relate to a client’s style of communication and guide him/her in appropriate adaptations to improve their presentation skills.


    DISCstyles™ Online Communication Style and Behavioral Strengths Assessments and Reports. Validated, Accurate, EEOC approved and Adverse Impact Compliant. Your Online Assessment Account is customized with your brand and each report is processed with your logo and company contact information.

    Available Versions of the Reports:

    DISCstyles™ Online Communication Style and Behavioral Strengths Assessments and Reports

    People are unique and should be coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness in the work environment. When in doubt as to what report is best to match your client's needs, this version should be your choice.

    Résumé Insights
    For your client who is certain the only professional service needed is a résumé, it is easy to include this version in your résumé, development process. You will garner your client’s communication style, behavioral strengths, interpersonal skills and more. All this information can be used as talking points and to showcase in the client’s résumé, cover letter, professional bios and other personal marketing materials. It’s great for interview prep too.

    You will exceed the highest expectations your executive clients have of you, when retaining your professional services as their résumé, writer and/or career coach, by including this version in all your executive service packages. Help executives attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others so they may interact effectively with people, including the hiring authority, during the interview process.

    You can give the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style and how to adapt that style to the customer’s preferences. Help your client prepare to communicate this skill at the interview as it exactly what the hiring authority needs to hear. For those clients in sales positions or having a goal to transition into a sales, this report is the most appropriate for understanding how to effectively present and position your client's personal style so that his/her sales strengths jump off the page of a résumé, and other marketing materials.

    This abbreviated report gives you quick insight into the talents and tendencies a client brings to the work environment. The report makes all aspects of communicating with and writing for your client easier. Your clients can prepare for the job interview process using the information from their report, which displays their general characteristics, ideal work environment, and value to the organization.

    Career Path
    This version is most valuable for job-seeking clients who are just starting their careers, returning to the workforce, or considering a transition, and are unsure of the best career path. Identifies specific talents and behaviors employees bring to the job. Success and job satisfaction come easier the closer the job matches the natural behavior style. This profile/report offers a system to capitalize on the employee’s talents and their potential and continuing value to the organization, including specific job titles most appropriate for the individual’s behavioral style.

    SALES STRATEGY INDEX (Selling Competency Test)
    Business success may be in the hands of its sales personnel. Can they sell? Do they understand the sales process? The Sales Strategy Index will answer all those questions and more and even provide coaching tips for any deficiencies in the selling process.

    How to Proceed:

    For more information about becoming a DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant, visit www.profilingpro.com. You may contact Jane Roqueplot by phone or email: 724.528.1000 or info@nullprofilingpro.com.

    Be sure to ask about the exclusive discount available to CDI members.

    ***Business Opportunity***

    Additional profit-center ideas using online reports are available at your log-in site after your Online Assessment Account is activated. Behavioral Analysis Training/Certifications, Affiliate options and other Business Services coaching are available for colleagues who are interested in a more in-depth application of the material and concepts.


    Jane Roqueplot, CPBA, CWDP

    Owner / Director: JaneCo’s Sensible Solutions & ProfilingPro


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