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    Job Search Networking Tracking System

    Career Solvers Job Search Networking Tracking System

    As a career coach I’ve noticed that my clients often have trouble keeping track of their networking activities or remaining accountable for their search. In an effort to make this process easier, I recently created a tool to accelerate a client’s networking opportunities and expedite their search through a systematized approach to managing their contacts. The Career Solvers Job Search Networking Tracking System is a tool that helps job seekers track their networking activity throughout the entire life cycle of their search. It keeps them organized and accountable and it turns what many perceive as an overwhelming task into a system that gives them structure and control.

    The tracking system’s robust and intuitive interface allows users to gain a quick 360-degree view of their network in its entirety and make decisions about where to direct their activity. The tool incorporates fields to rank order networking contacts based on a set of criteria, helps job seekers prioritize activities, and triggers reminders regarding due dates for activities. Every activity is linked to a date and when that day arrives, the entry turns red to remind the job seeker of what they have committed to accomplish for that day.

    This system can be white labeled with a career professional’s branding and logo and purchased for resale to individual clients or packaged as part of a larger career service offering. It can be used to teach networking strategy, guide client activities, and create accountability or given to job seekers independently to help them make sense of their network and create a proactive path towards making meaningful connections. Additionally, the networking guide teaches sound networking strategy and serves as a great reinforcement following coaching sessions.

    Accelerate your clients’ search by incorporating the Career Solvers Job Search Networking Tracking System into their daily search activities.

    When you use the Job Search Networking Tracking System you enjoy:

    • The opportunity to create more structure, engagement, and accountability for clients.
    • A quality tool for guiding your client conversations around networking strategy.
    • The ability to expand your service offerings with a white label product with no need to invest time in product development efforts.
    • A new revenue stream for your business (as an add-on product or one bundled in a coaching package).

    One-time purchase with unlimited use: $99

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